Screening is often a step overlooked in many designs but can improve the reliability of the downstream equipment and minimise the load on the plant.

Aerofloat is a strong advocate for screening of industrial wastewater, especially given the variations in flowrate and concentration often seen. Simple screening mechanisms for any wastewater treatment will improve the overall performance and reliability of the plant.

An upfront screen does not need to be a complex step. Aerofloat has a range of products and partners at its disposal and will chose a fit-for-purpose option for the needs at hand.

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Rotary Screen

The rotary screen is very effective at removing screenings greater than 1mm in diameter and works well as a pre-treatment step for DAFs and biological processes. Rotary screens are commonly used for industrial wastewater, particularly in the food processing industry.

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Inline Screens

Inline screens are typically used to remove fine solids in treated effluent, in potable water or as pre-screening for membrane filtration systems (such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis). Inline screens can be used to remove solids down to 50 microns.

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Sieve Bend

A sieve bend is another option for industrial wastewater screening. It is typically a lower cost than rotating screens, robust and simple to install. A sieve bend does require more manual cleaning than a rotating screen but provides an effective alternative if required.

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Pressure Screens

Pressure screens are often described as a larger version of the inline screens. These are normally used when the wastewater may contain occasional larger solid particles. Pressure screens are often used as pre-treatment to a DAF or biological system.

Aerofloat is happy to discuss the listed screening options and more.