Aerofloat offers low maintenance, cost effective, portable sewage treatment plants for remote establishments up to 3000 people.

Aerofloat applies a more mechanically simple design to proven sewage treatment processes, providing superior effluent quality whilst remaining portable and modular. Depending on the need, clients have the option of a number of techniques, including: AeroMBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor), AeroSBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) and AeroASR (Activated Sludge Reactor). Aerofloat is also able to offer the conventional forms of these technologies.

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AeroMBBR technology is a biological process commonly used to remove soluble contaminants such as dissolved sugars and proteins. This patent-pending technology features is a simple, low maintenance and cost-effective solution for biological wastewater treatment.

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AeroSBR technology is a suspended growth biological treatment process whereby the microorganisms are aerated, settled and the effluent decanted in the same reactor.

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AeroASR technology is a process where suspended growth biological treatment requires the microorganisms to be clarified in a separate reactor.

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