Water reuse in a wastewater treatment plant is quickly becoming a necessity in today’s climate. Having a system that ensures sustainable operations is essential.

Treating process wastewater to a reusable quality via your wastewater treatment plant has multiple advantages.  Water reuse means reducing water costs, minimising trade waste expenses and improving corporate environmental responsibility.

Aerofloat provides expertise and experience in recommending both proprietary and off-the-shelf products, ensuring a clever and robust system and water reuse design.

Water is becoming a valued commodity.

Depending on the quality of treated effluent, it can be used for irrigation, toilet flushing, washwater or even boiler feed water. The level of treatment required is determined by the incoming wastewater quality and the outgoing purpose for reuse.

Aerofloat has extensive experience in designing wastewater treatment plants for effluent reuse and can develop simple yet reliable solutions for its clients.

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Aerofloat has its own patented DAF technology in the AeroDAF, providing a compact, low maintenance and affordable DAF solution. The AeroDAF is in use in multiple companies internationally as a successful wastewater treatment plant option.

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AeroCIRC DAF is a traditional stainless steel, top scraper, open DAF with some unique design features that enhance system maintenance and cleaning.

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AeroMBBR technology is a biological process commonly used to remove soluble contaminants such as dissolved sugars and proteins. This patent-pending technology features is a simple, low maintenance and cost-effective solution for biological wastewater treatment plants.

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AeroSBR technology is a suspended growth biological treatment process whereby the microorganisms are aerated, settled and the effluent decanted in the same reactor.

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AeroASR technology is a process where suspended growth biological treatment requires the microorganisms to be clarified in a separate reactor.

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Membrane Bio Reactors

Aerofloat also has access to several third-party products at competitive prices to incorporate into any design – including Membrane Bio Reactors for biological treatment.

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Filtration is a common step in any water treatment process where high quality effluent must be achieved. Aerofloat offers a number of filtration products including sand filtration, microfiltration and reverse osmosis.

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Disinfection is often the final step in the water treatment cycle, and there are several ways this can be achieved.

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