Aerofloat’s engineers assist in the design and construction of water treatment plants using a variety of options for clarification, filtration and disinfection processes.

Aerofloat’s unique AeroDAFs have a particular advantage over conventional DAFs for the first stage of water treatment plants, as a comparative low-cost option for this first treatment stage.

Aerofloat has access to third party suppliers of membrane technologies and has successfully implemented reverse osmosis and other sophisticated filtration systems for high profile clients.

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Aerofloat’s own patented DAF technology in the AeroDAF was designed to provide a compact, low maintenance and affordable DAF solution and has been successfully applied to numerous plants around the world.

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AeroCIRC DAF is a traditional stainless steel, top scraper, open DAF with unique design features that enhance the maintenance and cleaning of the system.

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AeroMBBR technology is a biological process commonly used to remove soluble contaminants such as dissolved sugars and proteins. This patent-pending technology features is a simple, low maintenance and cost-effective solution for biological wastewater treatment.

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AeroSBR technology is a suspended growth biological treatment process whereby the microorganisms are aerated, settled and the effluent decanted in the same reactor.

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AeroASR technology is a process where suspended growth biological treatment requires the microorganisms to be clarified in a separate reactor.

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Membrane Bio Reactors

Aerofloat’s engineers can offer alternative products at competitive prices to incorporate into any design – including Membrane Bio Reactors for biological treatment.

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Filtration is a common step in any water treatment process, helping to achieve high quality effluent. Aerofloat has access to a number of filtration products including reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and sand filtration units.

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Disinfection is typically the final crucial step in the water treatment cycle, and there are several ways this can be achieved. Aerofloat’s engineers advise the best method to meet each client’s needs.

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