The Activated Sludge Reactor (ASR) is an aerobic, suspended growth biological treatment process and the mixed liquor containing the microorganisms which flows from the ASR are settled in a separate clarifier.

Recycled activated sludge is returned from the clarifier to the ASR to maintain the required concentration of suspended growth in the reactor. This process is also used to degrade soluble organic material.

The ASR goes through cycles of aeration and mixing to optimise the oxygen requirements of the microorganisms. This technique is also suitable where nitrogen removal is required and may require a separate anoxic reactor for the denitrification process. Excess biosolids from the ASR are removed by a waste activated sludge pump.

The AeroASR uses Aerofloat’s patent-pending aeration lance design to produce a maintenance friendly system.

Aerofloat has extensive experience in biological treatment of wastewater and can build either the proprietary AeroASR design or conventional ASRs if larger, more traditional systems are required.

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Efficient Utilisation of Installed Aeration

ASR is particularly suitable for high strength BOD wastewater. Whether floating surface aerators or diffused air is used, the ASR ensures the efficient utilisation of the installed aeration system by providing oxygen on demand.

Sealed and Vented

Depending on the plant size and choice of aerators, the Aerofloat proprietary lances can be used in the AeroASR model to enable a sealed and vented system.

Clarification Phase

Whether using a separate clarifier or in conjunction with a hybrid AeroSBR, AeroASR technology overcomes the need for membrane cleaning and replacement – as required in MBR processes, which do not require clarification.

Optional Anoxic Reactor

For wastewater containing high concentrations of ammonia, the AeroASR can be used in conjunction with a separate anoxic reactor for optimal removal of nitrates.