Circular Dissolved Air Flotation (AeroCIRC) is similar to a conventional circular DAF, with a rotating scraper arm. However, the AeroCIRC normally includes a 60-degree hopper bottom meaning the DAF is completely self-cleaning.

The AeroCIRC incorporates the patented feature of an effluent actuator on the effluent line, for the hydraulic float removal. It also utilises Aerofloat’s proprietary Air Dissolving System.

The small quantity of fallen solids between cycles are re-floated through the recirculation stream to the Dissolver/Saturator prior to the introduction of wastewater. This means solids do not accumulate at the bottom of the DAF. The combination of the scraper and the hydraulic lift at the end of the cycle ensures all solids are removed from the DAF. Chain scrapers are not required, and the self-cleaning feature ensures a very attractive product offering.

Self Cleaning DAF

The AeroCIRC DAF has a rotating scraper drive and 60-degree hopper bottom, enabling self-cleaning.

No Chain Scrapers

The rotating scraper makes for a very appealing product offering as there are no chains to maintain or replace.

Hydraulic Sludge Removal Option

By adapting the AeroDAF patented feature of the hydraulic float removal, the top of the DAF tank is periodically purged.

Superior Hydraulic Design

The central mixing chamber allows for an effective solids and air contact zone plus a radial downward flow path from the floating sludge blanket, enabling better separation of solids.

High Treatment Capacity

Aerofloat offers unique Circular Dissolved Air Flotation systems with treatment capacities from 10-250m3/hr.