Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is a physical chemical separation technique used to remove suspended solids and fats, oils and grease from the wastewater.

Aerofloat has patented DAF technology in its AeroDAF, which has combined proven traditional DAF principles with world-first patented design elements to make a truly innovative product.

The AeroDAF uses a unique tank with a 60 degrees conical bottom and conical top and a patented hydraulic float removal system to funnel waste float material from the top of the tank. Unlike traditional DAFs, mechanical scrapers are not required, resulting in a compact, mechanically simple and more affordable solution.

The waste material is removed from the enclosed tank by using the hydraulics on the incoming feed stream. Most industrial waste plants will require some pre-treatment by screening, blending, hydraulic balancing and pH correction.

Low Maintenance

The AeroDAF has a patented scum removal system and unique double hopper design that allows it to be self-cleaning, removing the need for mechanical scrapers.


The AeroDAF’s compact design fits into a small footprint (it is at least half the size of most traditional DAFs). Aerofloat engineers use 3D modelling to custom design a solution to address any space challenges.


The AeroDAF is designed to be mechanically simple, with a polyethylene tank and no mechanical scrapers, resulting in a cost-effective solution.

Sealed and Vented

The AeroDAF is completely sealed and can be vented above the roofline, preventing any unpleasant odours.

Varying Flow Rates

The AeroDAF offers a unique and affordable product range that has capacities from 50-800 litres per minute (L/min) or 3-50 m3 per hour (m3/hr).

Modular System

The AeroDAF system can be easily upgraded with additional DAF tank modules to increase the total capacity of the system.