The AeroTrap is an automated, above ground alternative to an in ground grease trap.

The AeroTrap provides more effective settling of solids than a conventional grease trap. The AeroTrap leans on the AeroDAF patented scum removal design to push off sludge from the tank. The floating grease can be periodically removed to the waste grease holding tank by hydraulically raising the level in the AeroTrap. The system not only removes this floating grease but also offers the added advantage of the 60-degree hopper bottom which allows for removal of settled solids without cleaning the entire tank.

This innovative, Aerofloat proprietary design has been successfully implemented as a pre-treatment step for heavy solids removal or to reduce the load on existing plants.


The 60-degree hopper bottom is the key feature of the AeroTRAP, meaning that any fallen solids can be easily removed without emptying the entire tank.

Sealed and Vented

Depending upon the design chosen, the AeroTRAP can be sealed and vented in the above ground tank. This minimises odours while still providing an accessible above ground collection point.


The AeroTRAP is designed to be mechanically simple and is constructed from a polyethylene tank, resulting in a cost-effective solution.