Wastewater screening is an essential process step for an effective wastewater treatment system.

As with any industrial or municipal wastewater treatment plant, screening is an effective initial stage for removing solids found in the wastewater. Solids should be removed at the beginning of any wastewater treatment process to prevent downstream blockage, equipment failures and damage. Aerofloat has several screening equipment options and uses the following criteria when selecting screen product partners:

  • Optimum performance
  • High quality
  • Long life
  • Easy operation and maintenance

Aerofloat can help with inline screens, rotary drum filters, sieve bends and more. Whether as a stand-alone addition to an existing treatment plant or as part of a new wastewater treatment facility, contact Aerofloat today to discuss your wastewater screening needs.

Protection of Downstream Equipment

Screening is a step often overlooked in many designs but can be critical to ensuring the longevity of the downstream equipment.

Load Reduction

In an overloaded plant, adding upfront wastewater screening may have a significant impact on reducing the solids load on the plant.

Simple & Effective Solids Removal

Screening does not need to be a complex treatment step. The products available in the Aerofloat range are all extremely effective for the required screenings. Aerofloat selects the best solution for your needs.

Fit-for-Purpose Options

With several screening options in its product suite, Aerofloat can design a fit-for-purpose screening solution.