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Aerofloat helps Australian pizza maker meet wastewater compliance

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Michael Anderson, Aerofloat General Manager of Engineering and Projects, spoke with Food and Beverage Industry News about the flexible offerings from the company and how it ensured wastewater compliance for Picasso Foods. 

Wastewater treatment specialists Aerofloat offer a client specific service with a capacity to tailor each project to the specific needs and requirements of any company, its most recent collaboration with Picasso Foods being a prime example. 

The company can troubleshoot for clients, whether through managing variability in the wastewater flow rate, contamination levels or desired outcomes.  

“We can cater to space challenges and budget constraints,” said Anderson.  

“We can also automate systems to a very high level of manual solution. In this case we made it fit the space, worked with the client closely and also partnered with another company.”  

Anderson spoke of the Aerofloat’s latest project, installing a new wastewater treatment system for Picasso Foods, an Australian manufacturer of fresh-prepared food, such as pizzas.

“Picasso Foods are a rapidly growing, ready to eat, pizza company and the business has been growing for a number of years now,” said Anderson.  

“When they took on the new site that they are in now they installed a grease trap which would take care of their wastewater, however, as the business grew the grease trap became too small and with trade waste requirements all around the country, in this case Sydney, Sydney Water enforced that they must get complaint for suspended solids, which is a limit of 600 mg per litre and a fat grease limit of 100mg per litre and have the pH in spec.” 

“We are a company that specialises in trade waste systems and we were able to help the company with its compliance issues.” 

Picasso Foods commissioned Aerofloat because of its speciality and ability to cater to a client’s specific needs and customise a solution to meet those requirements.  

“We converted the old grease trap into a pump station and pumped it up to a treatment plant that we custom designed and installed in a space that was an old area where they had their outdoor lunch area,” said Anderson.  

“All the wastewater goes into the drain and then into the ground through this grease trap and then into the sewer. We basically pump into an underground tank and pump it back to ground level and run it through our wastewater treatment plant and then transfer to the sewer connection. 

“We take the waste and suspended solids out of the water, correct the pH level of the water and then we drop it into the sewer. We also measure the flow of the water leaving the site.” 

Sydney Water conducted a series of tests on Picasso Food’s wastewater once the new wastewater treatment system was fully operational. 

“And we are well under the acceptable trade waste limit, so it has been a successful project,” said Anderson. 

Aerofloat’s detail-oriented approach to each project plays a large part in the success of its business. 

Read Full Article in Food & Beverage Industry News

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