Blog - October 13, 2019
portable sewage treatment systems

Any place where people are going to stay or live on a permanent or regular basis requires a sewage treatment system. Aside from the obvious reasons of hygiene and health, it is a legal requirement. Installing a sewage treatment system can come at great expense to remote or transitory locations – which is why portable sewage treatment systems can be beneficial to business.

Portable sewage treatment systems are applicable to:

  1. Temporary sites where the population is transitory, or the site might not be a long-term, permanent settlement.
  2. Remote or hard-to-reach locations such as islands.

Aerofloat delivers tailored portable sewage treatment systems, ensuring its clients meet local legal requirements whilst maximising operational efficiencies.

Supporting the tourism industry

Remote locations in the tourism industry provide ‘getaway’ holidays where guests can retreat from the hub of city living. Whether it be remote accommodation, retreats, island resorts, national parks or destination locations, logistically these sites provide transport and operational challenges to operators.

Aerofloat’s simple ‘plug and play’ systems are lightweight, easy to transport (via a shipping container) and easy to install. The compact nature of the systems also ensures the surrounding vista of the holiday destination isn’t spoiled.

Enabling portable sewage solutions for the mining industry

Mining site operations can fluctuate over time. A portable sewage treatment system can move between sites, making it a recurring value asset as new sites are established.

Aerofloat’s unique design capabilities mean its portable sewage treatment systems are ideal for the unique conditions of mining sites. For example, the systems effectively manage peak flow rates across mining communities at the start and end of shifts. Aerofloat’s systems are also readily scalable should a site require increased capacity.

The flexibility and adaptability of Aerofloat’s systems offers an alternative to standard sewage treatment technology, helping its clients to avoid long-term operational costs.

The Aerofloat difference

Aerofloat is known in the industry for innovative solutions to sewage and wastewater problems that meet the specific needs of each client. Prior to manufacture, transport and installation of its custom-designed portable sewage treatment systems, Aerofloat’s engineers create a ‘fly through’ design for its clients using 3D CAD modelling. This ensures the design meets the criteria of the site and allows the client to envisage the system set up prior to installation.

Aerofloat is also an end-to-end provider of sewage and wastewater management solutions. All systems are built in its Australian warehouse, and Aerofloat’s engineers and technicians are equipped to install the systems, including any electrical work.

Aerofloat supports Australia’s remote communities by providing sustainable and economical sewage treatment solutions that are readily transported to some of the most isolated regions of the country.

Contact Aerofloat today for more information on its unique portable sewage treatment systems.

After Care Service

Aerofloat can help you maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system long after installation.

Servicing – Chemical Supply – Sampling & Analysis – System Automation & Remote Monitoring

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