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The Need

Zen Oasis needed to a self-sufficient domestic sewage and greywater treatment system given there was no sewer connection on site. The system needed to cater for peak flows over the weekend period of up to 500 guests.

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The solution

Aerofloat provided a single treatment option for both the domestic sewage and greywater. This allowed Zen Oasis to effectively treat its peak flows.

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The benefit

The design allowed Zen Oasis to irrigate to the surrounding land.

Single Treatment for Domestic Sewage and Greywater from Aerofloat allows Regional Function Centre to Irrigate to the Surrounding Land

Aerofloat was engaged to design a treatment plant to treat domestic sewage and wastewater from Zen Oasis Function Centre in New South Wale’s Southern Highlands.

Aerofloat’s system at Zen Oasis was designed to cater for peak flows over the weekend period of up to 500 guests. The innovative design also allowed for additional treatment capacity should Zen Oasis expand its business further in the future.

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