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Welcome to Aerofloat

Aerofloat®is an Australian owned company which specialises in the treatment of industrial wastewater and greywater using its unique patented DAF and MBBR technology With 50 years’ experience in the wastewater industry, Aerofloat engineers have designed a suite of patented products to efficiently treat wastewater across a range of industries.

Aerofloat’s custom-designed solutions are easy to maintain, affordable and compact. Its patented Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) and patent pending Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technologies provide a unique alternative to traditional wastewater treatment.

Aerofloat’s team of engineers can manage the entire treatment process in-house. From consultation and 3D CAD design, to manufacturing, installation, ongoing support, chemicals, testing and maintenance. Customers can feel confident that Aerofloat engineers will manage the entire process from start to finish.

Aerofloat designs and constructs wastewater treatment plants to treat wastewater from a wide range of trade waste industries, including food manufacturing, breweries, dairies, industrial waste, mining, municipal waste and greywater treatment. Treatment capacities range from 0.4-50 m3 per hour (m3/h).

Company History

The unique Aerofloat DAF product range was initially designed for the emerging houseboat market in South Australia. Houseboat owners required a compact, affordable and low maintenance solution for treating their wastewater. With extensive experience in the wastewater industry, Aerofloat’s engineers were able to rethink the traditional Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) design and create a world-first patented design to adhere to these needs.

Following the success of the product in South Australia, Aerofloat was awarded a government grant to further develop the patented design to treat much larger flow rates for trade waste industries. This two and a half year design project saw the successful implementation of the Aerofloat 100 treating 100L/min or 6m3/h.. Aerofloat continued to build larger systems to cater for the increasing customer demand – with the largest Aerofloat DAF (Aerofloat 800 ) treating 50m3/h (800L/min).

Aerofloat’s business evolved to be focused on wastewater treatment for trade waste industries. With a need to provide biological solutions for its customers, Aerofloat designed its unique patent-pending Aerofloat Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR). With the Aerofloat MBBR, Aerofloat again took a proven technique and added some smart engineering to create a maintenance friendly and cost-effective biological treatment solution to its product line.

With its core IP technologies combined with some standard “off-the-shelf” products, Aerofloat provides fully tailored wastewater treatment solutions to a wide range of industries, including food and beverage manufacturing, industrial waste, mining, municipal waste and greywater treatment. Aerofloat provides an end-to end wastewater service, including design, 3D CAD modelling, manufacturing, installation, ongoing testing and chemical supply.

What we do



With over 50 years’ combined experience in the wastewater industry, Aerofloat engineers provide a consultative approach to wastewater treatment. In the design phase, Aerofloat engineers will complete a full site specification with 3D models of the proposed work. Aerofloat utilises its own patented DAF and MBBR technology, alongside complementary componentry, to tackle even the most challenging wastewater problems.

Should you require advice on improving performance of old technology or designing a green field plant contact us at for an initial obligation free discussion about your wastewater treatment needs.


After designing the required system, Aerofloat will manufacture, supply and project manage the total construction of the wastewater treatment plant. This includes procuring all componentry, having onsite supervisors oversee the installation of the system and ensuring all saftey procedures are executed. Aerofloat engineers will commission and test the plant on site, provide a site-specific operations manual and complete thorough operational and maintenance training for all required staff.

In the design phase Aerofloat engineers will complete a full site specification with 3D models of the proposed works.  Aerofloat will procure all componentry and ensure it is delivered to site in a timely manner.  Aerofloat site supervisors will be on site ensuring safety processes and procedures are executed and the installation of the system meets Aerofloat’s quality standards.  Aerofloat engineers will commission and test the plant on site, provide a site specific operations manual and complete thorough operational and maintenance training for all required staff.


Aerofloat also has access to a number of standard equipment pieces that can support the Aerofloat DAF and MBBR, such as sand filters, ultra-filtration systems, reverse osmosis, rotary screens and dewatering equipment. Aerofloat is able to provide competitive pricing and expert advice around what’s required.


As part of the typical industrial wastewater treatment design, chemicals are used for pH correction, coagulation and flocculation. The experienced engineers at Aerofloat hand-pick the best chemicals for use in your wastewater system to ensure optimal running results, while minimising long-term costs with competitive chemical rates.

Speak to the Aerofloat chemical team about its competitive chemical rates


Aerofloat offers ongoing service and maintenance contracts for your wastewater treatment system, to minimise system downtime, maximise efficiency and ensure it complies with effluent discharge standards. The Aerofloat team can cater to a range of budgets and maintenance requirements. Services include system optimisation, part replacement, cleaning and maintenance, remote login for diagnosis and monitoring and attending emergency breakdowns.

Speak to the Aerofloat service team about its different service offerings

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