About the team

A business built on family values

Aerofloat started as an idea between founding family members. With complimentary skills Ray, Michael and Katie had the vision of building a wastewater treatment company that puts family values at the core of its offering. Today, those values still exist across the wider Aerofloat team and extends to our clients. With extensive engineering experience not only from the company founders, but also the exceptional team around them – Aerofloat is able to offer all clients a superior solution with customer support at the core of the offering.
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Ray Anderson

Managing Director

Ray Anderson is the Managing Director and co-founder of Aerofloat. Ray has been working in the wastewater treatment industry since the 1970s, and over that time, has built and managed companies to deliver over 700 wastewater treatment plants for both the sewage and industrial wastewater treatment markets.

Ray has extensive R&D and product development experience and has developed a range of patented product solutions during his career. Ray is well known throughout the industry with his extensive knowledge base and passion for chemistry – he is the guru of wastewater treatment. Ray is a trained chemical engineer and also has a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

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Michael Anderson

General Manager, Engineering & Operations

Michael Anderson, son of Ray, follows in his father’s footsteps with his passion for developing innovative products and clever designs to tackle even the most difficult problems in the wastewater industry. Michael is particularly known for his skills in creating detailed designs for Aerofloat’s clients and holds a number of patents in his own right.

Michael has a Bachelor of Industrial Design and initially worked as a designer/draftsman in the wastewater industry before co-founding Aerofloat with Ray and Katie.

Today Michael leads a strong team of engineers responsible for the installation and commissioning of Aerofloat’s treatment solutions. His team is passionate about delivering quality, robust products and is not afraid of hard work to get the job done on time. Michael also leads the business development team and is passionate about ensuring a strong value proposition for prospective clients.
About the team Katie

Katie Moor

General Manager, Business Operations

Katie Moor completes the family network, again bringing individual strengths to the Aerofloat team. As the third co-founder, Katie’s experience in the international business world, coupled with her Bachelor of Chemical Engineering has allowed Aerofloat to grow into a first-class business.

Katie worked internationally with Shell in the oil and gas industry where she also trained in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, moving away from technical process engineering to project management. Upon returning to Australia, Katie expanded her expertise, managing project management offices in the finance industry before conceiving Aerofloat.

Today Katie manages the daily business operations and aftercare department of Aerofloat. She also works to improve internal processes and bring in best business practices for this Australian wastewater treatment company as it continues to grow.

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