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Case Study: Dumore Leachate Treatment Plant

Aerofloat delivered an effective leachate treatment plant, managing peak loads of 2000mg/L ammonia while still achieving strict discharge limits.

Aerofloat’s expertise in understanding the wastewater contaminants ensures discharge compliance from construction wastewater management to various manufacturing industries.

Wastewater sources will have varying concentrations of contaminants and flow rates. Aerofloat has extensive experience in the wastewater industry and a vast array of products and processes available design suitable solutions for all wastewater industries.

Aerofloat has a range of products available to design a fit-for-purpose wastewater treatment plant for construction wastewater management, including other manufacturing industries such as commercial laundries, pharmaceuticals, metal and glass processing.

Following initial discussions with your team, Aerofloat’s engineers conduct careful examination of your current wastewater via thorough jar testing and chemical analysis. Aerofloat then offers sophisticated digital 3D modelling of the proposed design so you can visualise and understand the system prior to installation.

Aerofloat ensures a compliant solution for your business and may also be able to create opportunities for wastewater reuse, saving you on both trade waste charges and water usage costs.

Industries we serve:

Laundries & textiles
Commercial laundries and textile plants require high water usage, often contaminated with grit, soil, grease, detergents and dyes.
Aerofloat’s expertise in understanding the contaminants found in laundry and textile wastewater can help to design a compliant solution for your business and create opportunities for wastewater reuse, saving you on both trade waste charges and water usage costs.
Construction water 1
Construction water
Construction wastewater may result from boring machinery lubrication, groundwater seepage or simply rainwater run-off.
The type of construction and ensuing effluent quality will determine the level of wastewater treatment required in order to meet the local authority’s standards. Aerofloat’s engineers analyse the constituents of your current wastewater compared to local discharge requirements and review any current data trends.
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Personal care
Contaminants in wastewater from the personal care and beauty industry are highly variable and often require a specialised solution.
Aerofloat offers simple, cost-effective and compact wastewater treatment designs that can manage the complex and varied by-products from the industry, ensuring you meet effluent discharge standards.
img checmials pharmaceuticals wastewater aerofloat
Pharmaceutical chemicals are designed to be biologically active, which means the industry receives scrutiny from the water authorities on how businesses are managing the disposal of their wastewater.
Managing the complex by-products to achieve a compliant effluent in the pharmaceutical industry is critical to business success.
Masonry 1
Metal & glass processing
Removing contaminants from wastewater used during metal processing and glass processing is critical to maintain compliance with local water authorities.

Aerofloat engineers assess the contaminants and discharge requirements before designing a suitable wastewater treatment system.

Problems we solve

Construction wastewater and other manufacturing industry wastewaters can produce challenging contaminants, fluctuating volumes and variability in concentration. Aerofloat prides itself on expert in-house knowledge in all chemical, physical and biological processes to tackle the most complex of wastewater problems.

Our Solutions

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Utilising 3D CAD modelling, and innovative engineering, Aerofloat uses clever designs to address a range of challenges.
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Aerofloat’s Australian manufacturing team will manufacture your wastewater treatment systems locally before installation.

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Aerofloat manages its own installations with the Aerofloat manufacturing team and the project Engineer.
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Aerofloat offers competitive chemical supply contracts, system maintenance packages, remote monitoring and ongoing support.

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Aerofloat delivered an effective leachate treatment plant, managing peak loads of 2000mg/L of ammonia while still achieving strict Sydney Water nitrogen and ammonia discharge limits.

Shellharbour City Council’s landfill site produces large volumes of leachate, which had previously been managed via 200,000L storage tanks and trucking the wastewater offsite for treatment and disposal by a third-party. This was a costly exercise with Council trucking out tens of thousands of litres per day.

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All our systems are

Compliant to local standards
fully warranted
Fully warranted
designed in au
Australian made
Installed by in-house engineers

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Off-sewer corrugated packaging plant adhered to strict New Zealand environmental guidelines.

A robust wastewater treatment solution from Aerofloat achieved outstanding results against stubborn ink waste.

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