System automation & remote monitoring

Aerofloat has a strong after care support team to assist remote monitoring and any upgrades of its installed plants.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we've got you covered.

Aerofloat’s wastewater treatment systems include automated system controls and can provide remote monitoring capabilities (when included in the design) that allows technicians to log on and observe the system from a mobile or computer. As your business grows, Aerofloat has a dedicated team to assist in plant upgrades as your business needs grow.

The majority of new projects completed by Aerofloat will include remote monitoring capabilities. This is because of the huge benefit experience with previous project deliveries. Clients are complimentary of the ongoing service provided by Aerofloat’s after care team at all hours of the day – all made possible through remote monitoring.

Aerofloat also has a dedicated team to support clients as their business grows. That could include resizing and upgrade of pumps to increase throughput or adding further balancing tanks to an existing system to get longevity out of your existing facilities.

As part of the Aerofloat servicing and maintenance contracts, Aerofloat engineers can take this one step further by logging on to your system to make adjustments and offer advice when requested.

Enabling system automation and remote monitoring functionality enables you to:

Aerofloat Emergency Assistance

Emergency assistance

Attend unforeseen emergency breakdowns to get the system up and running.
Aerofloat Compliance


Remove the hassle of remaining compliant by organising regular water testing through an independent third-party provider and provide a detailed report analysis and recommendations.
Aerofloat Risk Management

Risk management

Anticipate potential business growth problems and assist in upgrades to support any changes required.

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Proud customers of Aerofloat

Norco Food expanded its dairy operations whilst remaining compliant with strict Gold Coast City Council discharge limits.

Aerofloat’s specialist dairy knowledge ensured an effective wastewater treatment system.

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