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Case Study: v2food

Regional food production company, v2food, required a robust treatment system to ensure efficient wastewater management that could keep up with growth.

Some industries we serve:

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Aerofloat has extensive experience in the dairy industry and can custom design a dairy wastewater treatment plant to effectively meet regulatory requirements.

In the dairy industry, biological treatment methods may be required to remove the soluble lactose and proteins through dairy wastewater treatment, which contribute to the BOD and chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels.

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Meat & Poultry
Managing the high loads of fats, oils and grease (FOG), suspended solids (SS), and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) from meat & poultry processing wastewater can be challenging.

Aerofloat’s engineers analyse the constituents of the current wastewater comparative to local discharge requirements.

Aerofloat’s team then conducts extensive jar testing of the existing wastewater using hand-picked chemicals, and reviews current data trends, before considering the design.

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Wine & Beer

As a brewery or winery increases its product volume, its wastewater treatment needs also increase.

Aerofloat has worked with countless breweries to ensure they meet wastewater discharge obligations. From full treatment systems at major breweries like 4Pines, to simple and affordable pH correction systems at start-up microbreweries, including Marsden Brewhouse, Devil’s Elbow, Golden Hills Brewery, Atomic and the Gage Road Breweries.

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Processed Foods
Depending on the processed food type, wastewater from processed foods can be high in biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), suspended solids (SS) or fats, oils and grease (FOG).

Aerofloat is highly experienced in working with food processing factories to create solutions to ensure compliance with local discharge requirements Aerofloat’s solutions are compact and low-maintenance.

Aerofloat specialises in wastewater treatment for the food and beverage industry.

Aerofloat creates custom wastewater treatment solutions suitable across all business types in the food and beverage industry. Aerofloat’s patented world-first technology uses traditional techniques combined with clever engineering, to create low maintenance, compact and cost-effective solutions.

Problems we solve

Managing wastewater in the food and beverage industry can be problematic for business owners. A solution from Aerofloat can help.

Our Solutions

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Utilising 3D CAD modelling, and innovative engineering, Aerofloat uses clever designs to address a range of challenges.
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Aerofloat’s Australian manufacturing team will manufacture your wastewater treatment systems locally before installation.

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Aerofloat manages its own installations with the Aerofloat manufacturing team and the project Engineer.
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Aerofloat offers competitive chemical supply contracts, system maintenance packages, remote monitoring and ongoing support.

Photo gallery

Aerofloat designed and built a wastewater treatment system for BioMar Tasmania, allowing treated effluent to be disposed the surrounding pine forest.

Aerofloat was engaged by the aquaculture company to design a wastewater treatment plant that would allow its new Tasmanian factory to meet the strict guidelines set by Tasmania’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The resulting system ensured compliant effluent that could be irrigated to the surrounding land.
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All our systems are

Compliant to local standards
fully warranted
Fully warranted
designed in au
Australian made
Installed by in-house engineers

Proud customers of Aerofloat

Ed.Square shopping centre required a wastewater system to treat water for its busy food court.

Aerofloat’s clever design allowed for a system to be installed in the car park.

Cupitt’s Estate required a wastewater treatment plant to successfully treat domestic sewage and wastewater from its brewery, cheese production and winery processes.

The mixed waste from Cupitt’s Estate was treated to a quality suitable for discharge to the surrounding terrain, meeting the strict regulations by local authorities.

4Pines Brewery needed to expand its operations for a larger distribution, while maintaining its commitment to environment and social responsibility.

Aerofloat installed a compact, low-maintenance and odourless AeroDAF to treat 4Pines wastewater.

How can we help?

Whatever your wastewater challenge, we can develop a solution for you. Start by getting in touch with one of our experts.