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The Need

Cupitt’s Estate required a wastewater treatment plant to successfully treat domestic sewage and wastewater from its brewery, cheese production and winery processes.

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The solution

Aerofloat’s wastewater treatment design included Sequence Batch Reactors (AeroSBRs) that applied Aerofloat’s patented aeration system and unique ALS decanter. The system was fully automated and had remote monitoring capabilities to assist with system optimisation and diagnostics.

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The benefit

The mixed waste from Cupitt’s Estate was treated to a quality suitable for discharge to the surrounding terrain, meeting the strict regulations by local authorities.

Aerofloat provided Cupitt’s Estate with a wastewater and sewage treatment solution.

A clever process wastewater and sewage treatment solution from Aerofloat allowed Cupitt’s Estate to irrigate to the surrounding land.

The estate had outgrown its existing treatment systems and was looking for a more effective wastewater treatment solution.

“Looking after our environment is incredibly important to us at Cupitt’s Estate, so having a system that treats wastewater from all facets of our operations and enables us to have high quality effluent suitable for irrigation to the surrounding land, is a great win for us.”

Tom Cupitt, General Manager of Cupitt’s Estate

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