Sludge Dewatering Products

Aerofloat’s sludge dewatering options enable its clients to reduce sludge disposal costs within new or existing treatment facilities.

Along with several proprietary sludge dewatering tank designs, Aerofloat works with leading-edge suppliers to create economical and reliable solutions.

Aerofloat can assist in sizing and providing a variety of equipment options that are specific to each industry’s needs, including filter press, screw press, wave press, centrifuge or gravity tank dewatering.

Aerofloat’s sludge dewatering designs are applicable to new treatment plants and can also be designed as an addition to existing facilities. A mechanical sludge dewatering device can provide significant financial savings if you have high operating costs due to sludge disposal.

Prior to installing a new wastewater treatment plant, Aerofloat reviews its clients predicted sludge make and the associated costs. Aerofloat’s engineers have expert understanding of the different sludge types and can prepare a net benefit analysis for suitable mechanical dewatering options for its clients.

Using 3D CAD modelling, Aerofloat’s engineers provide each client with a complete virtual design model prior to installation, ensuring the client can visualise how the solution will appear on site.

Aerofloat is an Australian business, with its wastewater treatment design solutions designed, manufactured and built at its Sydney, New South Wales factory.

Aerofloat’s expertise in creating sludge dewatering solutions supports a large range of industries, including the printing, paper, packaging and recycling industries to name a few. Its systems can be designed as fit-for-purpose to suit a business’s needs by using both Aerofloat’s proprietary and other equipment, creating the best-fit solution for your business.

Innovative wastewater treatment solutions can make a big difference to ensuring businesses reach their economical and environmental goals as Australia moves towards a more sustainable 2030. Aerofloat’s team of engineers is committed to a sustainable future for all Australians.

Read below for more information on some of the sludge dewatering devices that Aerofloat offers or contact Aerofloat to discuss your business needs.

Cost Effective

Cost Reduction

Installation of a mechanical dewatering device can have excellent economical benefits depending on the volume of sludge produced, disposal costs and capital outlay.


Aerofloat’s engineers are expert at designing fit-for-purpose sludge dewatering solutions. Aerofloat offers proprietary and simple gravity sludge thickening tanks, filter presses and other mechanical dewatering options.

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