Wastewater Treatment Plant Water Reuse

Water reuse in a wastewater treatment plant is quickly becoming a necessity in today’s climate. Having a system that ensures sustainable operations is essential.

Treating process wastewater to a reusable quality via your wastewater treatment plant has multiple advantages. Water reuse means reducing water costs, minimising trade waste expenses and improving corporate environmental responsibility. Aerofloat provides expertise and experience in recommending both proprietary and off-the-shelf products, ensuring a clever and robust wastewater system that offers water reuse.

Water is a valued commodity.

Depending on the quality of treated effluent, treated wastewater from Aerofloat’s plants can be used for irrigation, toilet flushing, wash water, process water and in some circumstances, boiler feed water. The level of treatment required is determined by the incoming wastewater quality and the outgoing purpose for reuse.

Aerofloat has extensive experience in designing wastewater treatment plants for effluent reuse and can develop simple yet reliable solutions for its clients. If water reuse is a desired outcome, Aerofloat will take this into account during the concept phase, providing a design to ensure the effluent is treated to a quality that is suitable for reuse.

Experts in wastewater treatment plant water reuse

Wastewater treatment water reuse requires in-depth knowledge of the local requirements for reuse.

Options for
water reuse

Wastewater water reuse is an important option for many companies, to save on costs and meet environmental requirements.

Wastewater treated to a suitable level can be reused for agriculture, irrigation, wash water within the facility and toilet flushing.

Aerofloat’s experience in water reuse

Aerofloat has extensive experience in designing wastewater treatment solutions whereby the treated effluent can be reused.

Some of these include irrigation for cattle crops, surrounding gardens and nearby forests, as well as reuse as wash water within plastics recycling facilities, resulting in an improved finished plastic product.

Relevant products

When designing a wastewater treatment plant, Aerofloat engineers utilise a range of different proprietary and off-the-shelf products to deliver the best wastewater treatment solution.


Aerofloat’s own patented DAF technology in the AeroDAF was designed to provide a compact, low maintenance and affordable DAF solution and has been successfully applied to numerous plants around the world.


AeroCIRC DAF is a traditional stainless steel, top scraper, open DAF with unique design features that enhance the maintenance and cleaning of the system.


Moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) involves a biological process commonly used to remove soluble contaminants, such as BOD and COD (typically dissolved sugars and proteins).


AeroSBR technology is a suspended growth biological treatment process whereby the microorganisms are settled, and effluent decanted, within the same reactor.


The AeroASR (activated sludge reactor) is an aerobic, suspended growth biological treatment process and the mixed liquor containing the microorganisms which flows from the ASR are settled in a separate clarifier.


Filtration is a common step in any water treatment process, helping to achieve high quality effluent. Aerofloat has access to a number of filtration products including reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and sand filtration units.


Disinfection is typically the final crucial step in the water treatment cycle, and there are several ways this can be achieved. Aerofloat’s engineers advise the best method to meet each client’s needs.

Membrane Bio Reactor

Aerofloat has many combined years’ engineering experience in the wastewater treatment industry. It also has access to several third-party products at competitive prices to incorporate into any design – including membrane bio reactors (MBRs) for biological treatment.

Serviceable markets:

  • Plastics recycling

  • Printing and packaging

  • Pulp and paper

  • Construction

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Holiday parks

  • Remote towns

  • Housing developments

After care

Aerofloat can help you maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system long after installation.
Ensure a cost-effective and hassle-free chemical supply.

Minimise downtime with regular servicing and maintenance.

Easy access to the right parts to keep your treatment system running.

Utilise existing infrastructure with a WWT system upgrade.

Wastewater water reuse case studies

AdobeStock 279088446 plastic pellets WEB

Circular Plastics Australia Case Study

Located in Albury-Wodonga, the Circular Plastics facility is a joint venture between Asahi Beverages, Pact Group Holdings Ltd and Cleanaway Waste Management Ltd. Australian company Aerofloat was contracted to design and construct the wastewater treatment system for the project to ensure clean, reusable wash water within the plant and a sustainable end-product.

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Compliant effluent biomar 3

Biomar Case Study

Aerofloat was engaged by the aquaculture company to design a wastewater treatment plant that would allow its new Tasmanian factory to meet the strict guidelines set by Tasmania’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wastewater treatment plant water reuse refers to the process where treated effluent from wastewater treatment plants is repurposed for various uses rather than being discharged into the environment. This process involves treating the wastewater to a quality that is safe and suitable for its intended reuse application. In Australia, where water is a highly valued commodity, the ability to recycle wastewater effectively is becoming increasingly important. Aerofloat, with its advanced technology and expertise, plays a pivotal role in designing systems that facilitate this form of water reuse, ensuring sustainability and efficiency.

The level of treatment and the technology employed depends on both the quality of the incoming wastewater and the desired quality for the reused water. For instance, water treated to a certain standard can be safely used for applications like irrigation, toilet flushing, and even as process water in industries. Aerofloat’s commitment to innovative solutions, including its proprietary and off-the-shelf products, enables the delivery of systems that not only treat wastewater to the required standards but also contribute to water conservation and environmental responsibility.

Water reuse from wastewater treatment plants is important for several reasons, especially in the context of Australia’s unique environmental and climatic challenges. Firstly, it significantly reduces the demand on fresh water supplies, a critical concern in a country facing water scarcity issues. By recycling wastewater, industries and communities can diminish their reliance on limited freshwater resources, contributing to sustainable water management practices.

Secondly, water reuse is economically beneficial. It helps businesses and communities reduce their water-related costs by minimising the need for fresh water acquisition and decreasing trade waste expenses. Moreover, water reuse is aligned with corporate environmental responsibility, allowing organisations to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices. Aerofloat’s expertise in designing wastewater treatment systems that facilitate water reuse not only addresses environmental and economic concerns but also ensures the systems are future-proofed and compliant with Australian standards.

Reused wastewater, treated to appropriate standards, has a wide array of applications, reflecting its versatility and the technological advancements in water treatment. Common uses include irrigation for agriculture and landscaping, where treated water provides a sustainable source for maintaining crops, gardens, and public parks. This application is particularly relevant in Australia, where agricultural and urban green spaces are essential yet often water-stressed.

In addition to agricultural and landscaping uses, reused wastewater is increasingly being adopted in industrial settings. It can be used as process water in various industries, for toilet flushing in commercial and residential buildings, and as wash water within facilities. High-quality treated wastewater can even serve specific roles such as boiler feed water in industrial processes. Aerofloat’s experience in designing systems for such diverse applications showcases their capability to not only recycle water but also to tailor solutions to meet the specific requirements of different sectors, thereby maximising the benefits of water reuse.

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