pH Correction Systems

pH correction can be solved simply with a considered design.

Aerofloat has extensive experience installing standalone pH correction systems for breweries and confectionery companies as well as integrated pH correction systems as part of other large or small wastewater treatment plants.

Aerofloat’s pH correction equipment features automated correction systems that allow staff to monitor temperature and pH levels prior to effluent discharge.

Aerofloat’s pH correction systems ensure adequate mixing of the wastewater and adjust the pH of the wastewater to the desired set point by controlling the dosing of acid or alkaline solutions.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Aerofloat has designed numerous process control systems and chemical dosing mechanisms to ensure automated and adequate dosing. Proprietary automated pH probe cleaning is included in all pH correction systems to minimise operator maintenance.
Cost Effective


Aerofloat’s in-house design and manufacturing ensures the most cost-effective solution. Aerofloat can now replicate previous proven designs, providing quick installation and minimal ongoing operator intervention.
Proven Results

Proven Results

Aerofloat’s pH correction designs have been tried and tested. A combination of adequate mixing, reliable measurement devices and effective chemical dosing equipment provides Aerofloat’s client’s with continued success in management of wastewater pH levels.
Compact and Skid Mounted

Compact and Skid Mounted

Aerofloat has a skid mounted, plug and play design that is compact and easy to install and operate.
Sealed and Vented

Sealed and Odour Control

Aerofloat’s proprietary pH correction units are typically in sealed tanks which allows for the ease of venting of the tanks.

Learn about pH correction

What is pH Correction?

pH correction is the management of the wastewater pH to a desired set point, by either raising the pH by adding an alkaline solution or lowering the pH with an acidic solution.

Most water authorities will stipulate a pH range in which the wastewater must be within before being discharged to the sewer network.

At various stages of a treatment plant the pH level is often critical for effective performance of that plant. For example, effective coagulation of wastewater prior to DAF treatment will not occur if the pH is not within an acceptable range. pH measurement and correction is therefore often achieved in preceding pipelines or tanks, prior to DAF treatment.

Aerofloat has several standard pH correction kits or can incorporate a pH correction design into a larger wastewater treatment plant.

Aerofloat’s standard skid mounted pH correction system has been designed for the microbrewery industry but has many other applications.

A fit-for-purpose solution can be designed by Aerofloat’s engineers and standard designs can be modified at Aerofloat’s own in-house manufacturing facility in Sydney, Australia.

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