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Engineering innovation is in our DNA – Aerofloat’s success comes from its team and a commitment to R&D that spans over 30 years.

There is no wastewater treatment problem we can’t solve for you efficiently, smartly and cost effectively.

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End to end service

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Utilising 3D CAD modelling, and innovative engineering, Aerofloat uses clever designs to address a range of challenges.
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Aerofloat’s Australian manufacturing team will manufacture your wastewater treatment systems locally before install.
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Aerofloat manages its own installations with the Aerofloat manufacturing team and the project Engineer.
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Aerofloat offers competitive chemical supply contracts, system maintenance packages, remote monitoring and ongoing support

Why Aerofloat


Proprietary technology

Wastewater treatment company Aerofloat has several patents for its innovative technology and products. Aerofloat has developed clever adaptations of proven techniques and processes to provide you with unique and maintenance friendly product options.
Thoughtful design and modern thinking are always at the forefront of Aerofloat designs.
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Design expertise

Aerofloat prides itself in being able to tackle complex wastewater problems. Working in the wastewater industry since 1973, Aerofloat’s staff skills include electrical, chemical, mechanical, process control and environmental engineering.
This gives you peace of mind that all your design requirements will be covered.
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ISO certified

Aerofloat is ISO certified for its integrated management systems. The certification demonstrates Aerofloat’s innovative and systematic approach to developing world class solutions to wastewater problems globally.

It confirms the quality of work in the sector and highlights Aerofloat’s commitment to providing the highest standard of work practices to its clients


3D CAD modelling

Aerofloat uses 3D CAD modelling to design your system and help you to visualise the solution prior to manufacturing.
Any site challenges are addressed at the design stage, assuring you no surprises at the time of installation.
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In-house capabilities

Aerofloat manages the entire process in-house. From 3D CAD modelling and design, to manufacturing, installation, commissioning and ongoing support and maintenance.
This provides you with the confidence your wastewater treatment company in control for the entire project life cycle.
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Australian support guarantee

As an Aerofloat client, you will have guaranteed access to Aerofloat engineers for ongoing advice and support, ensuring your system will run efficiently long after installation.

Aerofloat is an Australian, family-owned wastewater treatment company with local manufacturing and engineering.

After care

The Aerofloat after care team provides a range of services to ensure your wastewater treatment system will run efficiently long after installation.

Chemical supply

Ensure a cost-effective and hassle-free chemical supply

Having the correct chemistry in your wastewater treatment system is critical to achieving the required effluent quality. Aerofloat’s experienced engineers hand-pick the best chemicals for use in your wastewater system to ensure optimal running results, while minimising long-term costs with competitive chemical rates.

Servicing & maintenance

Maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system

A wastewater treatment system should be regularly maintained and serviced to minimise downtime, maximise efficiency and ensure it complies with effluent discharge standards. By engaging the Aerofloat servicing team you can prevent system outages and ensure your wastewater treatment system is working well.

Parts & consumables

We provide expert advice to keep your business compliant

It’s easy to order parts and consumables for your wastewater treatment system through Aerofloat. Our servicing team will identify any wear and tear, and organise replacement parts when required. This will minimise any down time of your wastewater treatment system and ensure your system is running smoothly.

Remote monitoring & upgrades

We can make your wastewater system more efficient, reduce costs and prevent outages

Ageing wastewater systems are often inefficient and incompliant. Aerofloat can assess your wastewater treatment system and identify areas that would benefit from an upgrade – whether this is a full upgrade or partial upgrade that utilises existing parts.

Proud customers of Aerofloat

Australia’s largest PET recycling facility required a wastewater treatment system to support its commitment to sustainability and allow for future expansion.

Clean wastewater from the Aerofloat system is discharged to sewer and has an optional reuse loop to be used within the facility.

Dunmore Recycling and Waste Disposal Depot needed to upgrade its leachate treatment solution to combat rising disposal costs.

Aerofloat’s design allowed for increases in flow rates and ammonia concentration during peak flows.

An Australian university needed a sewage and wastewater treatment plant upgrade to manage sewage from its regional campus.

Aerofloat’s sewage treatment plant allowed for high rainfall periods and ensured the strict effluent guidelines were met.

How can we help?

Whatever your wastewater challenge, we can develop a solution for you. Start by getting in touch with one of our experts.