Aerofloat’s VDAF model offers a robust, efficient design that is also visually appealing.

Aerofloat’s new VDAF offers a versatile solution across all major industries including food and beverage, packaging, plastics recycling and construction. It boasts three size options, including the AeroVDAF-40, AeroVDAF-60 and AeroVDAF-80. Equipped with a nylon chain and integrated hoppers for effortless cleaning, Aerofloat’s proprietary VDAF’s counter-current flow path process enhances flotation properties. This design proves advantageous for high flow rates exceeding 30m3/hr and beyond and ensures effective treatment of fats, oils, and grease (FOG).

For servicing convenience, optional drain hoppers are available to allow for automated cleaning, minimising downtime for operators. Aerofloat’s VDAF has effectively been used in a number of projects, including its recent project at City Kitchen in Sydney. Its integration potential with other wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) underscores its adaptability, whether utilised independently or integrated into existing or new WWTP designs.

The VDAF distinguishes itself from similar systems on the market thanks to its ergonomic design and unique aesthetics. The system features curved walls that optimise strength, minimise weight, and enhance transportability. It also creates a visually appealing treatment plant that improves the design and feel of industry spaces. Crafted from 6mm think stainless steel, the VDAF ensures robustness, surpassing industry standards. Optional covers and venting mechanisms can be incorporated to maximise odour control, making the VDAF suitable for various environments, including shopping centres and enclosed areas. Despite its advanced features, the VDAF maintains competitive pricing, ensuring accessibility without compromising on quality or performance.

Varying Flow Rates

Treats High Flow Rates

Aerofloat’s VDAF can treat high flow rates up to 80m3/hr, making it a suitable choice for businesses needing a more robust and versatile WWTP solution.


Portable Design

Aerofloat’s VDAF offers logistical ease to purchasers by fitting into standard shipping containers, owing to its weight reduction facilitated by the curved design. Aerofloat can economically ship the VDAF to anywhere in the world.

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Ease of Servicing

The VDAF’s nylon chain and integrated hoppers ensure effortless cleaning. When coupled with optional drain hoppers, the VDAF offers automated cleaning, minimising downtime for operators.

Sealed and Vented

Visually Appealing

The AeroVDAF boasts an ergonomic, curved wall design that creates an aesthetically pleasing treatment plant for industrial and commercial business spaces.

Reputable Reliant Robust

Robust Design

The VDAF’s curved walls optimise strength, minimise weight, and enhance transportability. Crafted from 6mm thick stainless steel, the VDAF ensures robustness, surpassing industry standards.

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The VDAF can be readily integrated into existing WWTPs to allow for higher flow rate capabilities. It is compatible for use with Aerofloat’s repertoire of technologies as well as standard models on the market.

Learn about AeroVDAF

What is AeroVDAF?

The AeroVDAF is a proprietary dissolved air flotation (DAF) unit that is suitable for high flow rates. 

The AeroVDAF comes in three standard models: AeroVDAF-40, AeroVDAF-60 and AeroVDAF-80.

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