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Case Study: BioMar

Aerofloat’s wastewater treatment system for BioMar Tasmania, allowed treated, compliant effluent to be disposed of to the surrounding pine forest.

Compliant wastewater is critical to business success and environmental sustainability.

Industrial wastewater processing spans numerous markets – there are very few industries that do not produce process wastewater as a by-product of their manufacturing.

Aerofloat prides itself on having an intimate understanding of the chemistry of challenging wastewaters and the system methodology required to meet your local discharge standards.

Aerofloat can design and build wastewater treatment systems for numerous markets, including chemical processing, oil refineries, personal care, pharmaceuticals and by-product rendering. Whatever the industry, Aerofloat takes the time to understand the nature of the wastewater requirements, before custom designing a solution to meet the needs and ensure discharge standards are met.

Problems we solve

Treating industrial wastewater can be tricky due to challenging contaminants, fluctuating volumes and variability in concentration. Aerofloat prides itself on expert in-house knowledge in all chemical, physical and biological processes to tackle the most complex of wastewater problems.

Our Solutions

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Utilising 3D CAD modelling, and innovative engineering, Aerofloat uses clever designs to address a range of challenges.
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Aerofloat’s Australian manufacturing team will manufacture your wastewater treatment systems locally before installation.

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Aerofloat manages its own installations with the Aerofloat manufacturing team and the project Engineer.
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Aerofloat offers competitive chemical supply contracts, system maintenance packages, remote monitoring and ongoing support.

No wastewater problem
too complex

Aerofloat is renowned for its expert understanding of wastewater and the solutions that are required to ensure a successful result. Aerofloat’s team of engineers will utilise a mix of patented and off-the-shelf equipment, depending on the needs of the client.

Wastewater treatment
for all industries

Industrial wastewater varies greatly between different industries. Aerofloat’s engineers utilise over 50 years’ experience to understand the correct chemistry, treatment process, space requirements and ongoing maintenance needs.

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“Aerofloat have been super easy to work with right from the start. They have also assisted with issues outside their scope – the team have always been available and very helpful. I’d be happy to recommend Aerofloat to anyone looking for a wastewater treatment solution.”

Brian McWhirter, BioMar Tasmania Facility Manager

Aerofloat was engaged by the aquaculture company to design a wastewater treatment plant that would allow its new Tasmanian factory to meet the strict guidelines set by Tasmania’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Aerofloat’s solution enabled BioMar’s wastewater to be treated on-site, eliminating the need for expensive trucking disposal fees.

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All our systems are

Compliant to local standards
fully warranted
Fully warranted
designed in au
Australian made
Installed by in-house engineers

Proud customers of Aerofloat

Aerofloat delivered an effective leachate treatment plant for Shellharbour City Council

Dunmore Recycling and Waste Disposal Depot needed to upgrade its leachate treatment solution to combat rising disposal costs.

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Whatever your wastewater challenge, we can develop a solution for you. Start by getting in touch with one of our experts.