pH Correction

Sometimes all that is needed to achieve compliancy with wastewater discharge, is a simple pH correction system.

Aerofloat has designed and installed several simple and reliable pH correction systems for various industries.

Aerofloat has extensive experience in designing and understanding pH correction of wastewater in large complex plants. This includes the chemical dosing system, blending/mixing and reliable pH measuring/recording equipment. It is a crucial element to a successful wastewater treatment plant. It is from this knowledge that Aerofloat has been able to design simple, standalone pH correction systems.

From a skid mounted, plug and play system for the microbrewery industry to a more sophisticated, high flow pH correction process for a confectionary company – Aerofloat has the expertise to design a fit-for-purpose solution.

Experts in pH correction

Aerofloat provide reliable pH correction systems to consistently remain compliant.

pH correction for breweries

Aerofloat has created a simple unit for pH correction for the microbrewery industry, and has designed a number of higher flow, chemical dosing systems for pH management of wastewater.

Automation for ease of use

Aerofloat utilises automation technology to simplify the pH correction process, including automated dosing systems to monitor temperature and pH.

Relevant products

When designing a wastewater treatment plant, Aerofloat engineers utilise a range of different proprietary and off-the-shelf products to deliver the best wastewater treatment solution.

pH correction

Aerofloat has created a simple unit for pH correction for the microbrewery industry, and has designed a number of higher flow, chemical dosing systems for pH management of wastewater.

Serviceable markets

  • Breweries

  • Confectionary

After care

Aerofloat can help you maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system long after installation.
Ensure a cost-effective and hassle-free chemical supply.

Minimise downtime with regular servicing and maintenance.

Easy access to the right parts to keep your treatment system running.

Utilise existing infrastructure with a WWT system upgrade.

pH Correction case studies

Frequently Asked Questions

pH correction in wastewater treatment involves adjusting the pH level of wastewater to make it suitable for safe discharge or further treatment. It’s a vital step as the pH level can significantly impact both the environment and the treatment process efficiency. Aerofloat specialises in designing pH correction systems tailored for different industries, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and enhancing the overall treatment process.

Aerofloat offers solutions ranging from simple systems for small applications, like those in microbreweries, to more complex ones for larger industries. These systems efficiently balance the pH level using chemical dosing and are key for maintaining environmental safety and regulatory compliance.

Common methods for pH adjustment in wastewater include chemical dosing and automated control technologies. Chemical dosing adjusts pH using acids to lower it, or bases to raise it. Aerofloat designs these systems to suit specific wastewater characteristics. Additionally, automation is crucial for real-time pH monitoring and adjustment, ensuring consistent treatment quality and adherence to discharge standards.

Aerofloat’s pH adjustment systems combine chemical dosing accuracy with advanced automation, offering efficient and reliable solutions. Their use of technologies like 3D CAD modelling also helps clients visualise the system beforehand, ensuring effective integration into existing treatment processes.

Maintaining proper pH levels in water treatment is critical for treatment efficiency and environmental safety. Correct pH levels are necessary for the effectiveness of biological treatment processes and to avoid harming aquatic ecosystems upon wastewater discharge. Regulatory standards often require specific pH ranges to protect these ecosystems.

Additionally, correct pH levels prevent damage to treatment infrastructure, avoiding costly repairs and system failures. Aerofloat’s pH correction systems ensure a balance between operational efficiency and environmental responsibility, safeguarding infrastructure while meeting regulatory requirements and protecting the environment.

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