Parts and consumables

Aerofloat stocks a range of parts and consumables commonly needed across wastewater treatment plants

Aerofloat reduces the cost and hassle of your parts and consumables

Following years of successful project delivery and installation it became apparent that Aerofloat needed a dedicated after care team to support its growing portfolio of clients. This team now also provides a parts and consumable service, ensuring quality and suitable componentry is available and recommended to all clients.

Aerofloat’s warehouse is located in Sydney with significant stock stores to enable a fast turnaround on standard parts and consumables for our project clients.

Aerofloat has significant buying power to ensure the best possible pricing for our clients.

Aerofloat prides itself on its after care service with a priority service given to its ongoing clients. If you order a part from Aerofloat you will become part of the central database, making reordering simple.

We make ordering spare parts and consumables easy

Aerofloat installs multiple projects annually and has accumulated a significant volume of clients over the years. The spare parts and consumables inventory at Aerofloat’s Sydney warehouse is considerable to accommodate its variety of client industries. Some added benefits of working with Aerofloat:

Our parts and consumables service

Reduce the hassle of organising replacement parts by engaging Aerofloat to:
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Located in Sydney, Aerofloat holds a significant amount of inventory ensuring a quick turn-around for you spare parts needs.
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Support provided

Aerofloat engineers are happy to provide advice on the most compatible componentry.
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You will become part of Aerofloat’s database to make re-ordering a breeze.
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Aerofloat has significant buying power with componentry due to its large projects business, enabling competitive pricing for clients.

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Proud customers of Aerofloat

Aerofloat provided Cupitt’s Estate with a wastewater and sewage treatment solution that allowed treated effluent to be irrigated to the surrounding land.

Aerofloat continues to supply chemicals and spare parts to ensure the system runs effectively.

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