Chemical Dosing Systems

Aerofloat provides simple and cost-effective chemical dosing systems, both as stand-alone units and/or integrated into a complete wastewater treatment plant.

Aerofloat’s experienced engineers design and build chemical dosing systems, including a proprietary skid mounted polymer dosing system, to always ensure the best solution for your business.

The Aerofloat polymer dosing skid offers reliable dosing pumps and specifically designed process control systems.

Aerofloat is a strong advocate for adequate mixing with chemical dosing and has a number of proprietary designs to enable effective dosing that minimises chemical consumption.

Aerofloat’s strong in-house process engineering skills through project delivery and aftercare services for existing clients, ensure the right people will be available to assist in designing and developing an appropriate chemical dosing system for your needs.

Effective Results

Effective Results

Any inline system or skid mounted dosing unit requires adequate mixing, reliable measurement devices and chemical dosing equipment to ensure effective dosing and results. Aerofloat’s chemical dosing system designs have been tried and tested successfully.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Aerofloat designs process control systems and chemical dosing mechanisms to provide automated and adequate chemical dosing. Carefully chosen injection pumps (particularly for polymer injection) have been tested and selected to ensure longevity and effectiveness for all Aerofloat’s dosing systems.
Cost Effective


Aerofloat’s in-house design and manufacturing ensures you get the most cost-effective solution. Aerofloat can often replicate previous designs and make minor custom modifications to minimise design/manufacturing time and cost.
Compact and Skid Mounted

Compact and Skid Mounted

Proprietary skid mounted polymer injection systems are available with a plug and play design that is compact and easily installed and operated.

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What is Chemical Dosing?

Chemical dosing is the injection of a certain chemical into a tank or inline to assist in the treatment process. This chemical is typically a coagulant or polymer to coagulate or flocculate the wastewater in the solids removal process.

It is imperative to correctly mix the chemical and wastewater to effectively manage chemical dosing. In addition to this, a carefully selected delivery system is critical to ensure the selected pump is suitable for the viscosity of the injected chemical. Aerofloat has undertaken extensive R&D activities to understand the mixing profiles within various vessels as well as fit-for-purpose pump injectors.

Aerofloat has a proprietary polymer injection skid suitable for several applications.

Aerofloat has also installed numerous in-line chemical dosing systems in new and existing wastewater treatment plants.

Aerofloat can design a fit-for-purpose solution and can also easily modify standard designs given the flexibility of having its own in-house manufacturing facility in Sydney, Australia.

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