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Case Study: Circular Plastics Australia

Aerofloat ensured clean wash water and sustainable operations for Circular Plastics Australia

Aerofloat has developed an award-winning, fit-for-purpose solution for the plastics recycling industry to meet the global growing demand for sustainable practices.

The global focus on sustainable practices has seen rapid growth for the plastics recycling industry and businesses are relying on Aerofloat’s award-winning wastewater treatment system to meet this demand.

In December 2019, Aerofloat was awarded a prestigious Green Tech Consensus Award for its unique plant design for the plastics recycling industry. Previous recipients included Atlassian and WiseTech Global. Aerofloat is seen as a true enabler to this emerging industry with multiple systems already installed and several in the pipeline. 

The initial cleaning and separating process in plastics recycling requires large volumes of recirculating washwater. This water becomes contaminated (often with dairy components from ice-cream, yoghurt and milk containers), and requires regular replacement to avoid odours and contamination of the final recycled product.

Replacing the wash water can be a costly exercise. Aerofloat’s unique design uses its patented aeration system to treat wash water to a standard suitable for reuse in the wash water tank, saving significant water usage and costs.

Depending on the individual project, Aerofloat can include its AeroMBBR and AeroDAF products to create a custom design. Aerofloat’s design is easy to operate and maintain as well as cost-effective and reliable.

Problems we solve

Aerofloat’s wastewater treatment systems solve numerous common problems for plastic recycling plants.

Our Solutions

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Utilising 3D CAD modelling, and innovative engineering, Aerofloat uses clever designs to address a range of challenges.
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Aerofloat’s Australian manufacturing team will manufacture your wastewater treatment systems locally before install.
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Aerofloat manages its own installations with the Aerofloat manufacturing team and the project Engineer.
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Aerofloat offers competitive chemical supply contracts, system maintenance packages, remote monitoring and ongoing support

Leaders in plastics wash
water treatment

Aerofloat is well known as the leader in wastewater treatment in the plastics recycling industry. Its proven track record is evident with repeat business from its customers across multiple plastics recycling plants.

Remove odour from your
finished product

Aerofloat’s wastewater treatment plants provide plastic recyclers with an odour-free end product, since Aerofloat’s system removes the odour from the treated wash water. Aerofloat’s clients have reported an improved end product after installing Aerofloat’s wastewater treatment systems.

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Australia’s largest PET recycling facility required a wastewater treatment system to support its commitment to sustainability and allow for future expansion.

Aerofloat’s partnership with Circular Plastics Australia ensured compliant wastewater that could be reused as wash water within the recycling plant, helping to reduce the company’s footprint further with significant savings on water usage.

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All our systems are

Compliant to local standards
fully warranted
Fully warranted
designed in au
Australian made
Installed by in-house engineers

Proud customers of Aerofloat

RPA engaged Aerofloat to design a system that would remove odour from the finished product whilst significantly reducing the factory’s water use.

Aerofloat’s award-winning plastics recycling wastewater treatment system successfully installed at RPA.

Astron required a solution that provided lower turbidity and reduced odour water, and an option to dispose of sludge in a skip.

Aerofloat utilised its patented dissolved air flotation unit, the AeroDAF 100 to solve Astron’s problems.

Circular Plastics Australia required a wastewater treatment plant that would allow for expansion of the recycling facility in the future.

BioMar was able to irrigate the treated wastewater to the surrounding pine forest area.

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Whatever your wastewater challenge, we can develop a solution for you. Start by getting in touch with one of our experts.