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The Need

Astron was after a solution that provided lower turbidity water for washing of its plastics, reduced odour of its water and overall plant, and a bag dewatering system to allow sludge to be disposed of in a skip rather than liquid waste in an IBC.

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The solution

Aerofloat custom designed a wastewater treatment solution to treat Astron Plastics wash water by using its patented dissolved air flotation unit, the AeroDAF 100.

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The benefit

A successful trial and final project, that achieved the agreed success criteria of lower turbidity water, reduced odour and a manageable sludge dewatering solution.

Aerofloat designed a simple washwater treatment plant for Astron Plastics and formed a lasting relationship with PACT Group.

Aerofloat was able to quickly identify a simple and cost-effective treatment plant to meet the client’s need.

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