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Disinfection is commonly applied in the final stages of treatment to remove pathogenic organisms from the treated effluent.

There are a number of options available for the disinfection phase; including ultraviolet disinfection, chlorination and ozone treatment. Aerofloat is able to facilitate any preferred techniques.

Disinfection is a process that eliminates many or all pathogenic microorganisms that can cause adverse affects to human health, agriculture and the general environment. Disinfection is typically a final step in wastewater treatment to remove such organisms from the treated water before the effluent is released back into the ecosystems.

For wastewater reuse, the need for disinfection will depend on its intended uses. When reuse involves high-level risks of exposure for humans or livestock, that water will definitely require some sort of disinfection phase. Examples include irrigation or reuse for process water. Treated effluent being discharged to surface waters will also generally need disinfection.

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Simple Effective Safeguard

Simple & Effective Safeguard

Disinfection is an effective form of treatment and offers a simple safeguard to protect your staff and the environment from exposure to any untoward pathogens in treated effluent.
Disinfection Specialists

Disinfection Specialists

Aerofloat’s engineers have been working in the wastewater treatment industry since the 1970s, assuring you of expert advice for any wastewater disinfection requirements.
Fit for Purpose

Fit-for-Purpose Options

With several disinfection options in its product suite, Aerofloat can design a fit-for-purpose disinfection solution.

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