Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (AeroMBBR)

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) involves a biological process commonly used to remove soluble contaminants, such as BOD and COD (typically dissolved sugars and proteins).

In Aerofloat’s Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (AeroMBBR), wastewater is aerated in the presence of microorganisms that are attached to plastic bio-media. The microorganisms break down the contaminants and excrete a bio-solid, which can then be removed with an AeroDAF or via sedimentation in a clarifier.
Aerofloat’s AeroMBBR has patented technology which make it a simple, low maintenance and cost-effective solution for biological wastewater treatment. The unique design of the aeration lances in Aerofloat’s MBBR allow them to be removed from the reactor while the process is still operating, eliminating the need to drain the tank or remove the bio-media. This results in minimal downtime and easier maintenance. Lightweight polyethylene tanks ensure a readily transportable and more economical solution to traditional MBBRs and come in varying capacities. While the AeroMBBR has some unique features, Aerofloat is also experienced at building traditional MBBRs. Aerofloat’s clients have access to sophisticated remote monitoring technology to keep track of wastewater processes in the MBBR and ensure ongoing, uninterrupted operations. Aerofloat’s team of engineers are on hand long after project completion for ongoing advice and support, giving its clients confidence in efficient operations and a compliant effluent. Aerofloat is proud to be Australian and designs and builds its proprietary equipment at its factory in Sydney, Australia. Systems are purpose-built to fit each client’s individual requirements however Aerofloat also supplies ready-made products from leading suppliers. Aerofloat creates innovative wastewater treatment solutions to enable efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly operations as Australia moves towards a more sustainable 2030.
Easy Cleaning without downtime

Easy Cleaning Without Downtime

The unique design of the AeroMBBR’s aeration lances allows them to be removed for cleaning while the system is still operating. This overcomes the need to drain the tank, remove the bio-media or shut the system down.
Sealed and Vented

Sealed and Vented

The AeroMBBR can be sealed and vented, preventing any unpleasant odours from escaping.


The AeroMBBR is a compact biological treatment system due to the high concentration of microorganisms within it.
Cost Effective


The AeroMBBR tank is made of polyethylene, which makes the system durable and cost-effective.

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What is AeroMBBR?

The AeroMBBR is a unique take on a conventional Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor design. Conventional MBBRs are open top tanks with fixed aeration manifolds at the base. To maintain and service this manifold, conventional systems are normally required to be shut down and the biomedia removed.

The AeroMBBR is normally housed in a polyethylene tank and the patent pending aeration system allows the aeration lances to be removed while the system continues to operate.

See the video for further information on how Aerofloat’s unique aeration system works in its MBBR.

The AeroMBBR is housed in conventional industrial polyethylene tanks of varying capacities. The system’s flowrate largely depends on the quality of the incoming feed and the residence time required in the reactor.

Aerofloat designs and builds its own proprietary equipment and can produce a custom solution to fit each client’s needs.

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