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The Need

Dunmore Recycling and Waste Disposal Depot needed to upgrade its leachate treatment solution to combat rising disposal costs.
The site lacked upstream storage, so the leachate quality was highly variable, with ammonia reaching 2000 milligrams per litre.
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The solution

Aerofloat provided an effective leachate treatment solution at Dunmore.
The system is operating well and has readily been able to treat load increases of up to fifty percent above the ammonia concentration basis of design, ensuring a compliant and cost-effective result for Council meeting strict ammonia and nitrogen discharge limits to the sewer.
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The benefit

Aerofloat was operating the complex plant ahead of schedule, on budget and ensured a long-term sustainable solution for Council.
Aerofloat’s design also allowed for increases in flow rates and ammonia concentration to ensure any changes to peak flows could be managed.

Aerofloat delivered an effective leachate treatment plant for Shellharbour City Council

Aerofloat’s design allowed for increases in flow rates and ammonia concentration during peak flows. The plant achieved results beyond the initial scope, managing peak loads of 2000mg/L of ammonia and still achieved strict Sydney water ammonia and nitrogen discharge limits.

Aerofloat’s engineers continued to support the relationship well beyond the capital project by maintaining the plant and offering ongoing chemical supply.

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