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The Need

Regional food production company, v2food, required a robust treatment system to ensure efficient wastewater management that could keep up with growth.

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The solution

Aerofloat designed and installed inline manual screens, wastewater flow balancing tanks totalling 100m3 capacity, as well as pH correction and controlled discharge to sewer. The aerated and mixed balance tanks blended and hydraulically balanced the incoming wastewater for v2food.

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The benefit

v2food was able to meet its production growth and ensure an easy to operate system for its staff. The system was fitted with intelligent HMI and remote monitoring capabilities to allow the v2food team operators and Aerofloat’s engineers, access to the system even when not on site.

Efficient wastewater treatment system easy to operate for regional food production company

Australian wastewater treatment company, Aerofloat, is known for collaborating with clients seeking an environmentally sustainable and efficient wastewater solution for their business.

Aerofloat recently worked with innovative plant-based meat company, v2food, to design and install a wastewater treatment system to support its Wodonga manufacturing centre.

With the company rapidly growing and diversifying, it required a robust treatment system to ensure efficient wastewater management that could keep up with growth. HSE Manager at v2food, Scott Harbridge, said Aerofloat was the preferred wastewater treatment choice, thanks to its clear design and installation process.

“Aerofloat brought a robust solution to the table. We could clearly envision the end-product thanks to the 3D CAD designs they offered prior to installation,” said Harbridge.

“We really commend the work v2food is doing for the environment. Creating an alternative to meat-based food fits our innovative thinking and aspirations to improve the environment globally,” said Michael Anderson, Aerofloat’s Operations Manager.

“We enjoy working with clients that push the status quo. v2food’s vision to create a sustainable food source for our planet fits our own vision for sustainable wastewater solutions,” added Anderson.

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