Aerofloat’s Revolutionary Leachate Treatment Offering

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Inside Water magazine explored Aerofloat’s revolutionary leachate treatment approach

Aerofloat, a leading player in the Australian wastewater treatment sector, has distinguished itself through specialised solutions for leachate treatment. Co-founded by Michael Anderson, the company showcases patented products designed to enhance efficiency and significantly reduce costs for councils and businesses nationwide. 

Anderson notes, “The safe and sustainable management and treatment of industrial waste poses significant challenges to councils across Australia. Aerofloat has emerged as a pioneering force in designing cutting-edge leachate treatment plants that exemplify environmental responsibility and innovation.”

A standout success for Aerofloat involves collaborating with the Shellharbour City Council, where a custom-designed leachate treatment plant effectively managed elevated ammonia levels. Anderson highlights, “Aerofloat critically analysed the process design from the beginning. The team leveraged its in-house knowledge and experience in treating industrial wastewater.” This collaboration resulted in a sustainable solution for the council and waste disposal depot, showcasing the company’s ability to address complex wastewater scenarios.

Aerofloat’s unique approach lies in its in-house expertise, where it designs critical components such as electrical control systems and automation processes. Anderson emphasises, “We design our electrical control systems, circuit boards, switchboards, and automation processes in-house. It’s part of our design philosophy and unique to the industry.” This internal capability enables the company to offer highly customised solutions, tailored to the specific needs of each project.

The commitment to innovation is a core aspect of Aerofloat’s business philosophy, evident in its continuous investment in research and development. Anderson states, “Innovation remains at the heart of Aerofloat’s approach, and we invest in research and development to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our treatment processes.” This dedication ensures that the company remains at the forefront of leachate treatment technology.

Aerofloat’s journey in the industrial wastewater management sector is marked by its ability to tackle environmental challenges head-on through advanced treatment processes, energy-efficient designs, and a commitment to innovation. The success achieved in leachate treatment reflects the company’s dedication to providing sustainable and compliant solutions, showcasing how expertise and innovation can positively impact the complex landscape of industrial wastewater treatment.

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