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The Need

In 2014, Pope Packaging was trucking away its high strength waste at significant cost. Pope was looking for an onsite alternative to treat the waste (with very limited space) to allow it to discharge the treated effluent to the sewer.

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The solution

Aerofloat worked with Pope Packaging, completing a significant testing regime to ensure it could treat the waste. After successful bench top trials, Pope engaged Aerofloat to install an AeroDAF 100 plus some hydraulic balancing and dilution stages to manage the high-strength waste.

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The benefit

Project success meant Pope Packaging was able to reduce its operational costs and trade waste charges.

High strength ink-waste was no problem for Aerofloat.

Pope Packaging was unable to find anyone willing to tackle its high-strength waste of up to 16,000 mg/L – until it spoke with Aerofloat.

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