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Australia’s award-winning wastewater treatment company, Aerofloat, launches brand new website and company video.

Known for paving the way in innovative wastewater treatment solutions, Australian company Aerofloat today unveiled its new website and company video. The launch comes just months after the company won a Consensus GreenTech Award for its innovative design in wastewater treatment.

The newly redesigned website reflects the impressive growth the company has experienced over the last decade and showcases the vast reach Aerofloat now has in the wastewater industry.

“Aerofloat has changed dramatically since we first launched the company in 2009. We wanted our new website to reflect the growth and extensive industry reach we now have,” said Managing Director, Ray Anderson.

Like Aerofloat’s wastewater treatment products, the website is fresh, innovative, and bold, yet simple to navigate.

In conjunction with the website launch, Aerofloat’s new company video sets a benchmark for the wastewater industry – it is clean, engaging and showcases the company’s expertise. It also reflects the family-roots of the business, demonstrating a terrific connection between Aerofloat and its clients.

“The new company video reflects the direction Aerofloat is taking into the next decade. We have established ourselves as a forward-thinking company that produces technology that transcends the status quo, developing new methods for economical and sustainable wastewater solutions. As we move towards 2030, Aerofloat will continue to push the limits of historical wastewater technology,” said Anderson.

Aerofloat’s technology is adaptable to a range of industries, with countless proven solutions in the food and beverage, plastics recycling, industrial wastewater, sewage treatment and greywater industries.

Aerofloat is no stranger to winning awards for its patented, innovative technology in the wastewater management sector. Aerofloat has been successful in being awarded two major federal government grants to commercialise its innovative designs, and two growth grants to further develop its technology.

Aerofloat won a Consensus GreenTech Award in December 2019 for its innovative design for treating and recycling process wastewater generated in the plastics recycling industry. Previous Consensus Award winners include well-known international successes, Atlassian and WiseTech as well as Leaf Energy and AMPAN. Consensus Group’s GreenTech Award Judging Panel says Aerofloat’s innovative designs herald continued success for the company:

“Aerofloat sets new industry benchmarks, providing exceptional customer and product support that adhere to standard codes and compliance.”

Aerofloat’s new website and company video exemplify the innovative, fresh approach the company has towards finding sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment across industries.


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