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Brewery wastewater a hot topic – watch episode online

The Build Me a Brewery (BMAB) team recently spoke with Michael Anderson about trade wastewater for breweries in Australia.

Anderson covered key elements for brewery wastewater solutions, including the types of systems and setups within the  industry as well as important compliance guidelines and requirements for local councils. He also delved into the differences between requirements from water authorities in urban, rural and coastal areas.

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Questions about wastewater has been a hot topic in the BMAB community in recent months – Anderson’s discussion on air highlighted the key responsibilities that breweries need to consider when it comes to wastewater compliance.

Anderson shared how the growth of the craft brewing industry has caught the attention of local council & water authorities. He offered the BMAB audience a basic run down on the specifics of brewery wastewater, why it is important, the different compliance requirements that brewery owners have, relative to location.

Anderson also offered an insightful visual video on the different wastewater systems available to the brewery community, as well as informative design layouts of wastewater treatment projects that Aerofloat has offered the industry.

Build Me A Brewery (BMAB) is a centralised online resource for aspiring, in-planning and established brewery owners to become more informed and connected within the commercial brewing world.

Watch or listen to the episode

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