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Disinfection is commonly applied in the final stages of treatment to remove pathogenic organisms from the treated effluent.

There are a number of options available for the disinfection phase; including ultraviolet disinfection, chlorination and ozone treatment. Aerofloat is able to facilitate any preferred techniques.


Contact Aerofloat today to discuss the disinfection options available to you, whether as part of a new treatment plant or as an addition to an existing facility.

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Simple & Effective Safeguard

Disinfection is an effective form of treatment and offers a simple safeguard to protect your staff and the environment from exposure to any untoward pathogens in treated effluent.
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Disinfection Specialists

Aerofloat’s engineers have been working in the wastewater treatment industry since the 1970s, assuring you of expert advice for any wastewater disinfection requirements.
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Fit-for-Purpose Options

With several disinfection options in its product suite, Aerofloat can design a fit-for-purpose disinfection solution.

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