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The Need

Astron Plastics needed to increase the capacity of its wastewater treatment plant following the installation of a new wash line at its Cheltenham site.

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The solution

Aerofloat’s solution included a vibrating screen, balance tank with air mixing to receive water from the plastics recycling wash machines, a wave separator to remove the solids and return pumps.

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The benefit

Aerofloat’s system allowed for compliant wastewater that can be reused as wash water within the recycling plant, ensuring an odour-free end product and efficient operations. It also ensured that any excess wastewater was compliant for discharge to sewer.

Aerofloat ensured clean wash water and sustainable operations for Astron Plastics in Victoria

Aerofloat’s wastewater treatment plant was delivered on time and on budget.

Aerofloat designed and installed a wash water treatment system for Astron Plastics to ensure clean, reusable water within the plant and a sustainable end-product. The existing system at its Cheltenham Victoria site was no longer able to meet the needs of the growing business.

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