Aerofloat enabled Jewel Fine Foods to meet Sydney Water’s requirements for its new Sydney manufacturing facility.

Jewel Fine Foods manufactures approximately 30 million ready-to-eat Indian meals annually, creating a high solids and fat wastewater that needed treatment.

The Need

Jewel Fine Foods was required to have an effective wastewater treatment plan for its wastewater from the new Sydney processing facility.

The Solution

Aerofloat designed, manufactured and installed a wastewater treatment plant that included primary screening, hydraulic balancing, pH correction and an AeroDAF 100.

The Benefit

Aerofloat was able to construct a treatment plant in the restricted space and limited time frame required, producing treated effluent that met Sydney Water’s discharge guidelines.


Jewel Fine Foods has established itself as a leading manufacturer in a rapidly growing chilled ready-to-eat meals sector, creating 30 million meals each year for supermarkets, hotels, venues and airlines.

Jewel Fine Food’s growing business meant a new Sydney manufacturing facility was required, and Aerofloat was approached to complete the wastewater treatment facility.

The Aerofloat Solution

Aerofloat completed the detailed design of the plant including a 3D model that allowed Jewel Fine Foods to visualise the system within the available space.

Aerofloat manufactured the equipment at its Taren Point, Sydney warehouse and completed the installation and commissioning of the plant on site at Jewel Fine Foods in Botany.

The process included primary screening, balance tank mixing, pH correction, coagulation and flocculation, dissolved air flotation (AeroDAF) separation and flow monitoring.


The AeroDAF was able to produce treated effluent to Sydney Water’s requirements.

Aerofloat has continued to assist Jewel Fine Foods with adhoc maintenance and servicing and chemical supply from its aftercare business.

After Care Service

Aerofloat can help you maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system long after installation.

Servicing – Chemical Supply – Sampling & Analysis – System Automation & Remote Monitoring

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