The wastewater treatment specialists

Engineering innovation is in our DNA – Aerofloat’s success comes from its team and a commitment to R&D that spans over 50 years.

There is no wastewater treatment problem we can’t solve for you efficiently, smartly and cost-effectively.

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The team experience

Aerofloat is an Australian company with a proven record of innovation and success.

We are a team of engineers and wastewater treatment experts with over 30+ years experience in developing leading edge wastewater technology and solutions.
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The solution design

Aerofloat will manage your entire wastewater treatment solution, from start to finish.

Aerofloat offers a full end-to-end wastewater treatment solution. From the initial solution design with 3D CAD modelling, to the in-house manufacturing of equipment that is backed by our support guarantee.

The Aerofloat difference

Aerofloat takes an innovative approach to wastewater treatment, providing custom solutions with reliable results.
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Our engineering innovation & tech

We have combined proven traditional wastewater principles with world-first patented technology to ensure effective results.
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A truly Australian family business

We are two generations of Australian engineers and a 35 strong team of passionate wastewater experts.

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It's all done

A full end-to-end service including design, 3D modelling, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

After care

Aerofloat can help you maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system long after installation.

Chemical supply
Ensure a cost-effective and hassle-free chemical supply. Having the correct chemistry in your wastewater treatment system is critical to achieving the required effluent quality.
Parts and consumables
Easy access to the right parts to keep your treatment system running. Aerofloat provides a parts and consumable service, ensuring quality and suitable componentry is available.
Servicing and maintenance
A wastewater treatment system should be regularly maintained and serviced to minimise downtime, maximise efficiency and ensure it complies with effluent discharge standards.
Remote Monitoring & Upgrades
Aerofloat’s wastewater treatment systems include automated system controls and can provide remote monitoring capabilities that allows technicians to log on and observe the system from a mobile or computer.

Proud customers of Aerofloat

Circular Plastics Australia (PET) Wash Water Treatment Plant

The project heralds the third venture that Astron Sustainability, a subsidiary of Pact Group, and Aerofloat has worked on together.

University of Queensland Sewage Treatment System

Aerofloat designed and installed adaptable sewage treatment technology that ensured a cost-effective solutions for the university.

Dunmore Recycling & Waste Disposal Depot Leachate Plant

Aerofloat’s design allowed for increases in flow rates and ammonia concentration during peak flows.

Ed.Square Shopping Centre Foodcourt Wastewater Treatment

Managed by Frasers Property Australia, the large food court at Edmondson Park town centre’s busy shopping precinct boasted a wide range of eatery options including fast food shops, cafes and ice creameries.

Remote Queensland Township Sewage Treatment Plant

Aerofloat worked with a Queensland Council to upgrade its sewage treatment plant (STP) to ensure compliant effluent and a low environmental footprint.

Cupitt’s Estate Wastewater and Sewage Treatment Plant

A clever process wastewater and sewage treatment solution from Aerofloat allowed Cupitt’s Estate to irrigate to the surrounding land.

Visy NZ Off Sewer Packaging Plant Wastewater Treatment

A robust wastewater treatment solution from Aerofloat achieved outstanding results against stubborn ink waste.

How can we help?

Whatever your wastewater challenge, we can develop a solution for you. Start by getting in touch with one of our experts.