Aerofloat Team Scott web 5

Federal Treasurer and Local MP, Scott Morrison recently visited the Aerofloat team to congratulate them on their successes over the past 18 months.

Winning an 18-month AusIndustry Accelerating Commercialisation Grant from the Federal Government in August 2015 signified the start of a period of rapid growth for the team at Aerofloat.

The AusIndustry grant enabled Aerofloat to build on its well-established singular DAF system to create a new modular DAF system that would appeal to large-scale business. Using core principles of the singular DAF, the new modular DAF system can treat four times more water than its predecessor. After being treated in an Aerofloat DAF, water can simply be discharged into the sewer, minimising unwanted waste charges for businesses.

With Australian industries desperate for affordable wastewater management solutions, Aerofloat’s Modular DAF has already attracted significant uptake across Australia and overseas. The team at Aerofloat were also awarded an Entrepreneur Impact Grant with world-renowned experts Autodesk, allowing them invaluable access to 2D and 3D drawing software has enabled Aerofloat to model new products and projects through a detailed design process.

With the support of the Australian government’s grant scheme and Autodesk adding wind to Aerofloat’s sails, the company has enjoyed unprecedented growth over the past year.


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