ifm and aerofloat sensor technology

ifm sensor technology is helping wastewater treatment companies like Aerofloat protect our most precious resource

This White Paper discusses Australia’s water challenges and how ifm is working with Australian wastewater treatment companies to streamline their operations through the integration of modern digital sensor technology to collect actionable insights from data.

While Australia is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, water is not among them. Australia’s water scarcity issues are likely to be exacerbated by changes to weather patterns as well as the increased demands of a growing population.

This paper highlights the partnership between ifm and Australian wastewater treatment specialist, Aerofloat, and how ifm’s sensor technology and easy-to-use IO-Link connectivity solution has saved time and costs for Aerofloat’s customers.

In supplying innovative and always-evolving instruments to assist with wastewater treatment – an industry that will only grow more important given Australia’s harsh climate conditions and growing population – ifm plays an indispensable role in collaborating with Australian businesses.

Aerofloat’s General Manager, Michael Anderson is justifiably enthusiastic about the Aerofloat-ifm partnership:

“We’ve got a growing and passionate team at Aerofloat dedicated to solving environmental and water issues. We’re proud to have such a reliable partner in ifm, who we know will support all the solutions that we’re providing.”

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Tim McCann, Operations Manager at Aerofloat, says that the ifm relationship has been key for Aerofloat:

“ifm are well known for reliable and high quality products, so having their brand associated with Aerofloat is a great selling point for us,” Tim says. “Technologically speaking, ifm’s IO-Link technology suits us as a business perfectly because it saves us and our customers on time and wiring costs. We also gain more visibility in terms of data collection than we’d otherwise have with traditional instruments.”

Michael adds that because ifm has so many instruments in their portfolio, there are always new products that can be added to Aerofloat’s arsenal in servicing
its wastewater plants:

“With IO-Link, if we want to add a new instrument in later, I really like that we don’t have to upgrade our control panel,” he says. “Where traditionally you would want more PLC inputs and outputs on analogue signalling, we can just get this instrument into one of the field modules – which is fast and straightforward. Having that scalability, flexibility, and ease of addon functionalities is very important in helping us respond not only to customer demands – but also to potential changes to the regulatory structures that govern our industry.”

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