Aerofloat provides a unique sewage treatment plant design using technology incorporated into over 500 plants around Australia. Aerofloat’s sewage treatment plant (STP) provides a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution which can be easily relocated if required.

Aerofloat’s proprietary technology has taken proven sewage treatment plant design and applied a more mechanically simple solution, to provide a superior effluent quality. The simpler design means less mechanically componentry, improving the reliability of the plant and minimising maintenance requirements.

Aerofloat’s sewage treatment plant uses a hybrid Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) and Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) design. The combination of the two technologies ensures the system is suitable for developments where the load is variable.

Key features of the Aerofloat technology include:

High Flow Capability

Unique hybrid MBBR + SBR combination ensures the system copes well with high variable flow rates.

Turnkey Installation

For remote locations, Aerofloat has designed a self-contained sewage treatment plant whereby most mechanical components arrive in a container fully assembled, pre-wired and ready to go. Lightweight HDPE tanks are delivered to site. Simply connect the pipework from the containerised components to the tanks for simple installation.

Low Maintenance

Removable lances in the MBBR allow cleaning to take place without the need to drain the tank or stop the process. The air locked syphon decanter is a fixed weir at bottom water level and has no moving parts. Aerofloat’s self-contained sewage treatment plant requires no regular cleaning or membrane replacement.

Cost Effective

The tanks used are standard sizes and are made of HDPE rather than stainless steel or painted carbon steel, making them a more cost-effective solution.


The sewage treatment plant components can fit into a shipping container and the lightweight cylindrical HDPE tanks filled with biomedia allow for the relocation to alternative sites if the development has a short life expectancy.

Scalable & Modular

The Aerofloat sewage treatment plant design is modular and suitable for populations between 100 and 5000 persons.


The Aerofloat sewage treatment plant has a fully automated system for process control and the capability to remotely monitor the plant.

Aerofloat has a number of other key offerings to complement the typical sewage treatment plant design, including:

How Aerofloat ensures its sewage treatment plant design meets your needs:

Aerofloat works collaboratively with each of its clients to create the best sewage treatment plant solution. As experts in the field, Aerofloat’s engineers have a thorough understanding of the variables that can impact the success of any sewage treatment plant design. Aerofloat can install traditional sewage treatment plant systems or offer its own patented technologies to create a bespoke solution.

For more information on Aerofloat’s leading self-contained sewage treatment plant designs, or to start discussing how the team can deliver a system that meets your site’s requirements, contact Aerofloat on (02) 9544 1449

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