Aerofloat’s portable sewage treatment plants provide a unique, reliable alternative to traditional designs and offer simple installation and easy relocation if required.

Ideal for remote establishments of up to 3,000 people, Aerofloat provides a portable sewage treatment plant design that is perfectly suited for remote locations such as mine sites, island resorts and regional townships.

Aerofloat’s portable sewage treatment plant can be relocated at the end of each project’s life. Thanks to its patented innovative designs, Aerofloat’s systems are lightweight, making them easily transportable. In the example of a mine site, the sewage treatment plant can be relocated with the temporary housing facilities to a new location.

Where most other solutions rely on bulky, permanent concrete or stainless-steel tanks that are difficult to relocate and transport to remote sites, Aerofloat’s patented simple aeration design can be used in a series of lightweight, durable rainwater tanks. Its compact sewage treatment plant is also simple to install and operate.

Additionally, Aerofloat’s remote monitoring capabilities enable its engineers to confidently support remote locations from anywhere. Engineers can monitor your plant and provide remote advice for optimisation and troubleshooting.

The Aerofloat Portable Sewage Treatment Systems Difference

Aerofloat works closely with each of its clients to determine the best solution for its needs. Aerofloat can offer three product options for sewage treatment using its patented aeration design including:

  • AeroMBBR – a suspended and fixed film process whereby microorganisms are constantly aerated in a tank filled with plastic biomedia.  The AeroMBBR is typically followed by an AeroDAF to remove the biosolids.
  • AeroSBR – a suspended growth process whereby microorganisms are aerated and settled, and then the effluent is decanted in the same reactor.
  • AeroASR – another suspended growth biological process which requires the microorganisms to be clarified in a separate reactor.

Not sure which solution is right for you? Aerofloat’s expert team has many years of experience in compact sewage treatment plant design and can help you to determine which approach is best suited to your business and needs.

Aerofloat’s highly consultative approach is focused on providing you with the right information to make the best decisions for your project, executing on custom system designs to the highest degree of precision.

No two projects can be approached in the same way; Aerofloat ensures it understands the critical parameters from the outset. For example, variations in flow and effluent concentration have a significant impact on the design solution. Aerofloat also recognises that not all sites will benefit from a portable sewage treatment plant. For larger or more permanent sites, Aerofloat offers alternative custom-made or traditional system designs.

Need more information on a portable sewage treatment plant?

Aerofloat is a proudly Australian-owned and family-run business. Its engineers use a combination of 3D CAD modelling, proprietary technology and innovative engineering to design its portable sewage treatment systems.

Contact Aerofloat to discuss how its engineering team can offer your business the best compact sewage treatment plant solution for your needs.