News - January 10, 2016
U-Sonics Power Cone wastewater treatment dissolved air flotation

In November 2015, Aerofloat completed the installation and commissioning of three Aerofloat 200 DAFs to create an overall treatment capacity of 600L/min for U-Sonics in Malaysia.  U-Sonics are a world leader in the manufacture of loudspeaker componentry.

Aerofloat was contracted to investigate U-Sonics existing wastewater treatment facility which was underperforming and resulting in effluent not meeting discharge standards.  Due to the extensive knowledge of the Aerofloat engineers in wastewater treatment, a site visit was organised, and a proposal put forward to incorporate some existing infrastructure combined with the Aerofloat technology.

Once the proposal was approved, a fast-tracked project plan was developed and executed.  Components were manufactured, tested and sent from both China and Australia.  Simultaneously, Aerofloat engineers were working with U-Sonics (providing detailed instruction and drawings) to complete any required preparatory work.  With the help of local staff, Aerofloat then spent 3 weeks on site completing the full installation and commissioning of the system.  At the conclusion of this period, the treatment plant was fully functioning and producing superior effluent quality.

Aerofloat (Australia) is fully established with its international supply chain to service the global market but is also looking for potential distributor of the products in various regions.  Should you wish to discuss the possibility of becoming a distributor of the Aerofloat products, please contact

After Care Service

Aerofloat can help you maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system long after installation.

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