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Recycling Plastics Australia (RPA) engaged Aerofloat to design and install a plastics recycling wastewater treatment plant to remove odour from the finished products whilst reducing the factory’s water use significantly.


The result was a continuous supply of clean water that could be used as wash-water in the plant. The clean water is treated both biologically and chemically to ensure odour-free recycled plastic products at the end of the line. The provision of ongoing clean wash-water through Aerofloat’s plastics recycling wastewater treatment system means zero downtime for RPA’s operations.

Watch the video case study to see Aerofloat’s system at work at RPA

Aerofloat recently won a Consensus GreenTech Award for its innovative technology tackling plastics recycling wastewater. Previous winners include well known global giants, Atlassian and WiseTech.

The initial separating and cleaning process in plastics recycling wastewater treatment demands large volumes of recirculating wash-water. This wash-water is easily contaminated by the product clinging to recyclable plastics, such as dairy components from ice-cream, yoghurt and other milk product containers. The wash-water therefore requires ongoing replacement in traditional systems to minimise odours in the finished product.

Aerofloat’s wastewater treatment design is different, ensuring an odourless finished product via a continuous supply of clean wash-water.

This means big financial savings for RPA given the significantly reduced water usage.

Aerofloat’s wastewater treatment design at RPA incorporates its patented, innovative (and award-winning) technology.

Aerofloat’s engineers designed the system for RPA in-house, providing 3D imagery of the designs pre-installation to enable the RPA team to visualise the system – giving them the assurance that the system would fit the available space.

Despite the restrictions from COVID-19 in place, Aerofloat’s engineers were able to safely install the system at the South Australian site, within the required timeframe.

Aerofloat have continued to keep in touch with the team at RPA, providing support as required and ongoing proprietary chemical supply to ensure compliant effluent.

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