Aerofloat offers low maintenance, cost effective, sewage treatment solutions for remote establishments of up to 3000 people.

Aerofloat applies a more mechanically simple design to proven sewage treatment processes, providing superior effluent quality whilst remaining portable and modular. Depending on the need, clients have the option of a number of techniques, including: Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (AeroMBBR), Sequencing Batch Reactor (AeroSBR) and Activated Sludge Reactor (AeroASR). Aerofloat is also able to offer the conventional forms of these sewage treatment solutions.

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Rely on Aerofloat for your sewage treatment solution

Aerofloat can deliver a sewage treatment solution uniquely tailored to your site and surrounding environment. Aerofloat’s engineers specialise in highly tailored solutions that meet unique challenges; from remote, and temporary mine sites to island resorts, estates, and other regional businesses.

Often more traditional systems do not provide the most economical and suitable solution for remote sites. Sewage treatment solutions in remote sites must account for challenging environments, the need to be easily transported and the ability to be re-used.

Oftentimes a mine site or similar industrial site is only temporary. Being able to readily move the system to another location can result in significant financial savings.

Aerofloat’s team has decades of combined experience in rolling out traditional sewage treatment solutions. By combining in-house 3D modelling and CAD work, Aerofloat engineers allow clients to visualise the solution prior to transport and installation. Aerofloat’s patented and patent-pending technology solutions allow it to offer unique, sustainable systems.

Aerofloat’s sewage treatment systems are scalable and can be accessed remotely

Aerofloat’s systems are designed to be highly scalable for up to 3,000 people; Aerofloat’s engineers will ensure the required parameters of the project are understood to allow for growth down the line.

Remote monitoring capabilities ensure that your company staff can log in even when off site or in another state or territory, make adjustments as required and identify potential issues before they become a problem. Aerofloat’s engineers can also log in remotely by request and offer support and guidance or make adjustments to the system.

Aerofloat is proud to be Australian, with all engineering and design completed in Australia.

The Aerofloat Difference

Aerofloat is known within the industry for its innovative and creative approach to remote site sewage treatment work. Contact Aerofloat’s engineers today on (02) 9544 1449 to discuss what treatment solution is best for your business.


AeroMBBR technology is a biological process commonly used to remove soluble contaminants such as dissolved sugars and proteins. This patent-pending technology features is a simple, low maintenance and cost-effective solution for biological wastewater treatment.

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AeroSBR technology is a suspended growth biological treatment process whereby the microorganisms are aerated, settled and the effluent decanted in the same reactor.

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AeroASR technology is a process where suspended growth biological treatment requires the microorganisms to be clarified in a separate reactor.

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