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A reliable, cost-effective wastewater solution has proven vital during the pandemic

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Providing essential support and reliable wastewater solutions to Australian businesses year-round to ensure safe, compliant effluent has been a priority to Aerofloat throughout the pandemic.

Most food and beverage businesses continue to supply and service Australians and the overseas market despite restrictions due to the pandemic. Many fresh and packaged food businesses have increased production to meet demand, putting pressure on their wastewater flows.

Businesses across Australia need to know that their wastewater solution will always meet their specific needs, regardless of increases or decreases in flow rates. Having efficient, cost-effective and reliable wastewater systems in place has never been more important.

General Manager of All Natural Kitchen in Sydney, Colin Hart, said the support from wastewater treatment company, Aerofloat during the pandemic has been exemplary.

“At All Natural Kitchen, we provide fresh food components on a large scale. Companies have relied on us to provide high-quality products during the pandemic, including during the Sydney lockdown periods. As a result, our wastewater system has needed to run at full pace during this time.”

The company provides nutritious, fresh food items and condiments including wet spice cores and frozen foods.

“Aerofloat’s team of engineers have been on hand to support as required, with monthly servicing of our plant to ensure it runs at optimal levels at all times. This has ensured uninterrupted operations for our team at All Natural Kitchen throughout the pandemic,” said Hart.

Aerofloat’s General Manager, Michael Anderson, said that the food and beverage industry has been a focus for Aerofloat’s servicing team during the pandemic.

“The food and beverage industry has really felt the pinch of the pandemic. Whether it’s been a sudden decrease in production and therefore a drop in wastewater flow rates, or a dramatic increase to meet unusual demands, we’ve worked hard to ensure all our clients have been able to adjust accordingly.”

Having a flexible, reliable wastewater system has really paid off for Aerofloat’s clients like All Natural Kitchen.

“It’s been good knowing that we can rely on Aerofloat’s system and service, regardless of the limitations Sydney and Australia have seen during the pandemic,” said Hart.

A system that is easy to run means the already limited operational staff on site at many businesses can focus their attention to the production end of operations.

“Wastewater management can be a simple and efficient part of daily operations if managed correctly. A reliable wastewater treatment solution that meets the individual needs of the business saves on time and money,” said Anderson.

This has been proved time and time again during the extraordinary times of the last eighteen months. With staff restrictions, added safety protocols and financial pressures affecting much of the food and beverage industry, having a reliable, cost-effective system has been vital.

“The support from Aerofloat is impressive — from the customer service team through to the technicians, we know we can rely on ongoing excellence from the entire Aerofloat team,” said Hart.

Read Full Article in Food Processing Magazine

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