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The Need

The wastewater at the Brisbane plant needed to be treated to a level suitable for sewer discharge and accommodate growth at the site.

 Some structures within the system had also reached the end of their lifespan and required upgrades to ensure safe and effective operations.  

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The solution

Aerofloat installed its circular dissolved air flotation unit, the AeroCircDAF.

Aerofloat incorporated its AeroCirc DAF technology and associated process equipment, tanks and controls to treat the process wastewater to the sewer discharge standards and provided a new filter press system. 

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The benefit

In addition to the compliant effluent result, Aerofloat’s design was compact and had a minimal environmental footprint. 

Its sealed and vented tanks created an odourless plant, and the mechanical simplicity of the design, with its self-cleaning hopper bottom, ensured a maintenance-friendly system. 

A prominent packaging and boxing plant required new wastewater treatment system to ensure optimal compliancy and accomodate growth.

Aerofloat was contracted to build a wastewater treatment facility to process the wastewater from the cardboard packaging plant after constructing similar plants at the client’s New Zealand and Melbourne facilities. It was able to draw on this experience to ensure the new Queensland facility exceeded expectations.

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